Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skincare - What's working!

Hey there! 

For those that know me, skincare is a HUGE part of who I am.  I grew up with brothers and sisters who went through awkward phases with acne, and I was spared that experience.  From an early age, my mother instilled in me the desire and want to always take good care of my skin.  And because of that, I am extremely fortunate in the fact that I have been able to maintain decent skin.

Current Skincare  

 What's working:

1.  face wash - Philosophy Purity Made Simple.  A basic, non-foaming, moisturizing wash that really does a heavy duty job of cleaning your skin, ridding you of makeup, without stripping it.

2.  face cream - Garnier Gel Cream Moisturizer.  An extremely light moisturizer that is a gel consistency ( I hate that they used the word cream.  The only thing that comes close to a gel cream came from one of the spa series products that Bath and Body works did).  Once again, lightweight, but really softens, and never feels heavy under makeup.  Absorbs quickly.  Have not noticed that it affects my primers or foundations, whether they be powder or liquid.

3.  eye cream - Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip Cream.  Lightweight, emollient, lightly scented, so subtle that I do not think anyone would mind.  Keeps my under eye area very hydrated.  Concealer just glides over this stuff!

4.  face treatment - Mario Badescu's Buffering lotion.  I am not prone to breakouts.  Whenever I do get something, I put my buffering lotion on, and its usually gone by next day.  This is like the holy grail of quick fixes.  It can dry you out if you overuse it, or put it on areas that do not need the treatment.

5.  night treatment - Decleor Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm.  I usually just use a regular night cream, of if I am lazy, the day cream I used.  If I find that I am dry, or broken out, uneven texture to my skin, or suffering from patchiness, I use this balm.  It is VERY thick and VERY emollient.  But this product is amazing.  The balm can feel (scary word coming up) greasy at first, but once it melts into your skin, the smell of the ylang ylang relaxes you, and the true rewards comes when you wake up.  Anytime great aunt flo is here, or the weather changes affect my skin, I reach for this.  Extremely pricey, but well worth it. 

What's working for you guys and gals?


  1. My skin is pretty bad if I stop using prescription (acne) meds, otherwise I keep my face wash + moisturizer simple. I'm currently loving the LEAP brand (it's organic, sold at Whole Foods). I met the founder and he's awesome and really cares for the environment. Bonus! :D

  2. Sounds good, maybe I can look into that line of skincare myself :)