Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Small Haul 12/27/2011 + Update

Hey all!

Am loving my new job.  There I said it.  I actually love my new job!  And there is a possibility of a promotion in a week...so that means...EPIC HAULING!

I hope everyone's holidays went well.  I went back to Indiana, did not get to stop in Michigan City (bummer, no chance to hit CCO), but had a lovely time with my family over Christmas.  We were lucky in that our region did not get a white christmas, which I was really relieved over.  It seems that over the past 5 years, me and the BF always drive through ice, ice and more ice.  Unfortunately, the visit was too short, and back to MI we came.    

I have a haul from back in mid to late November that I had yet to put up.  I'm presenting this now and I hope you like!!!!

Haul time!  Estee Lauder
What I purchased was the Estee Lauder Signature silky powder blush in Peach Nuance...

EA Peach Nuance blush
I had been wanting to get my hands on this for quite sometime.  I know that this can be found at the CCO's for a lower price, but since I have not been to one in a while, I decided to bite the bullet and go.  Thank god I did as this is one fabulous blush!  Look at that ombre gradient.... :)

Next up, the oh so necessary concealer for me...

EA Double Wear Stay in Place Flawless Wear
This is one hefty concealer!  I bought this in medium, and though I think warm medium would have been perfect for the entire face, I found that medium adds a nice light around the eyes.  Yup, I use this one mainly around the eyes, and do not find this to be cakey, or hard to work with.  It is pretty strong stuff, I have to admit.

Im sure tons of you got beauty related gifts this season...what were they?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update 12/13/2011

Hey guys and gals!

So, been working for two weeks now.  In my third week as we speak.  I do love my job...I hate the learning process that goes along with a new job, but I do love nonetheless.

This of course equals out to being able to HAUL a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!

Got some packages in the mail...some sephora, some xmas gifts.

Now that my schedule is a bit more steady, I will be blogging more.

Thanks for being awesome readers...I appreciate it!