Friday, November 13, 2015

Manicures fast and easy with imPRESS Press on Manicure!

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I don't know about you, but I never have the time, nor did I ever have the talent for doing my nails.  I am indeed envious of those blessed with the talent to turn their nails into works of art...or at least presentable tips!  I also have chronically dry and sensitive cuticles, which makes the process of painting or removing polish painful.  Out of the past and revamped, press on nails have come back in a huge way.  Let us see how imPRESS is helping everyone achieve a salon perfect manicure anywhere at anytime!

imPRESS Press on Manicure is an at home manicure with the added benefits of ease and quickness!
"Through innovation and revolutionary technology, imPRESS manicure initiated a new category and developed into a standalone brand.  The innovative PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), eliminated key barriers such as nail damage, ease of application and product reliability while UltraHold(TM) technology introduced a safe-on-nails adhesive ending the need for glue and acetone-soak removal.  imPRESS is perfect for women with busy schedules and younger women who cant afford weekly salon visits.  Women in every generation enjoy imPRESS manicure because there truly is something for everyone.  From the French manicure to elaborate designs, women rely on imPRESS Manicure as an alternative to nail polish - without dry time or smudges or dings." - imPRESS

Inside of each imPRESS Manicure kit you receive a set of press on nails, nail prep pad and mini file and instruction sheet.  Some kits as the pink one above shows, contains additional accent nails in a glitter texture.  The other kit I received contained two jewel accents to add to any nail I desired.

The color above is Symphony.  This particular kit contained 30 Ultra Shine Gel nails, 6 of those being glitter accent nails.  The Symphony kit came with press ons that were a very light bubblegum pink and two different glitter accents, criss cross pattern and full glitter.

Affordable and easy to find in stores
Many colors and textures to choose from
Super quick and easy to use
Long lasting

Sizing to nail beds

The nails have an adhesive backing on them.  When you have properly prepped your nails, you just peel off the protective tab off the nail and press them on.  After you press them into place, your nails are long lasting and WATERPROOF!  No dry time!  Yes, you can wash dishes, your hands, your hair, anything.  I was amazed at how long lasting these really are.

I have wide nail beds so the sizing for some of the nails was slightly off.  imPRESS does provide you with quite a few different sizing options in the kit, so if your sizing falls in there, you are set to go!  The length was also short, which may or may not appeal to those wanting to try these.

imPRESS is all about being on trend, so nail styles, colors and textures will change to suit this.  If you fall in love with a finish, stock up!

Even though sizing was off on a few, I really did enjoy using these.  They make me look and feel polished and pretty.  The process is so quick and rather enjoyable.  And at $7.99 a pack, they are a steal.

To learn more about imPRESS and to see all of their latest styles, go HERE.

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by company for the purpose of testing and review.  I am not affiliated with this company.  I am not being financially compensated for this post.  All words and opinions are 100% my own*

Friday, September 11, 2015

Just Because...A Thank You Giveaway!!!!

It is that time again everyone....GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Why?  Why not :)

For who?  All of you!

A big thanks goes to all those who stop by my blog, facebook, isntagram, pinterest...anywhere you find me!  I appreciate the support and can only hope to bring your more content!  So lets see what the prizes are, shall we?

 * Nicka K Eye Shadow quad in Plumas (NY081) [full size]

* Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot [full size]

* Julie G Nail Polish in Damsel

* Smashbox Photo Finish Primer [mini]

* tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer [deluxe sample]

* Bonne Bell A&W Root Beer Lip Smacker [full size]

* Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Take on the Day eye shadow primer [full size]

* Ardell Lashes Chocolate collection in 886 Black Brown

Whew!  Now that you know the goodies, here's the rest of the info...

Giveaway begins on 9/12/2015 at 12am, it ends on 10/10/2015 at 12am.
Open to US residents only.
Winner will be chosen at random using
Email needed for notification.  This information will never be sold.
Giveaway winner will be announced on facebook, instagram, twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So...Good Luck everyone!  Thank you once again for all of your support.  Cannot wait to meet new faces!

xo, Diana

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Desire and Flirt (swatches)

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I went looking EVERYWHERE for these matte lip cremes.  My beautiful friend Jenni was kind enough to grab one for me on her own hunt for these.  Just a few weeks ago, I casually happened to walk into a Walgreens and there was a display that was already attacked majorly, but I was able to find another!!! SQUEEEE!  Shall I show you what I got?

Milani Matte Lip Cremes - flash
The Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes are a part of a permanent range of 8 colors.  You can find these at CVS, Walgreen's, and their website.  These matte lip cremes usually retail around $8.99 USD.  The range, though small, goes from nude to red to dark berry.  The tube is typical clear, plastic body with signature Milani gold top.  Inside each tube, you receive 0.21 oz/ 6 g of liquid product.

Milani Matte Lip Cremes - No flash / indoor lighting
Amore Milani Matte lip cremes are just that...a matte, liquidy yet creamy lip product that goes on wet and dries down to a very matte texture.  What I have noticed with these lip cremes is that not every color is the same...more on that later.

Milani Matte Lip Creme - applicator
The applicator on this is quite unique.  It has a rounded top with straight sides, where one side is more straight, and the other side is more like that of  a "scoop".  That scoop collects products which you may or may not like.  I do in that I don't have to dip into the tube again and can usually finish both lips with one go.  The rounded out edge handles the lip line beautifully.

Milani Matte Lip Cremes in Flirt (t) and Desire (b)
Here now are swatches of both of the colors I have, both with flash...

Milani Matte Lip Creme - Desire (flash) (ONE COAT)
Desire Matte Lip Creme was a dream to work with!  This is a not so basic bright red.  It is so vivid!!!!  The consistency of Desire was liquidy, but never hard to work with.  Dry down was set in under 5 minutes and then you get this matte goodness.  Nothing bad to say about this at all.  The color, tone and texture speak for themselves!

Milani Matte Lip Creme in Flirt (flash) (TWO COATS)
Flirt is the one out of the lip cremes that I was disappointed with.  This is a beautiful color and so perfect for fall!!!  Flirt is a vampy, extremely deep berry/burgundy shade.  Same liquid consistency as Desire, but this applied and wore patchy.  Patch city is what you can call this.  Layering this lip creme was tricky for me too.  Beautiful color, just....patch-mania is too high.

Both have same consistency as far as pre-application texture.  They also smell like synthetic vanilla frosting.  For being matte, these are surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear.  Almost feels like nothing once the product is dry.  The scent did not linger too long after drydown, though those with allergies to scents may want to patch test first.  Desire was so opaque and blendable!  I have layered Desire and find that it plays well with itself.  Unlike Flirt, who did not want to cover opaquely, could not layer without getting chunky or flaky.

When eating anything oil based, these will wear off.  You will get the lip liner, worn off lipstick look.  During casual wear with drinking, talking and eating non-oily foods, I can get a good 4 hours before the inside of the mouth area starts to crumble.  Also, if you rub your lips together once set, these will crumble off as well.

Do I wish they were a bit more long wearing and could withstand a salad with an oil based salad dressing? Yes.  But then again I have to remember to get my head out of the clouds and think realistically.  For the price, these are pretty damn awesome!  I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the red and berry colors!

xoxo, Diana

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sun Protection + Age Defying Ingredients = Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield

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Okay, I am not afraid to admit this...I am one of those people that thinks they can float by with just the sun protection that comes in either my facial lotion or foundation.  That is horrible!  But I have my reasons.  Sun protection either did not play well with my makeup at the time, made me look super greasy or caused me to have a breakout.  Was I reticent to try this?  Yes.  Was I glad I did?  Read on to find out...

Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield
 Oz Naturals combined sun protection with age defying ingredients to bring you their Solar Shield.  This plastic tube contains 60 ml/2 fl.oz of creamy product.

" + Oz Naturals SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer contains  Octyl MethoOxyCinnamate and Zinc Oxide which together provide broad spectrum protection and shield skin against harmful damage caused from both UVA and UVB rays.

 + Safe for All Skin Types, this non-irritating, paraben-free can be applied daily on the face and body, and can be worn alone as a foundation, or under makeup.

 + Our Non-Comedogenic, SPF 30 tinted sunscreen moisturizer nourishes the skin, while also protecting the skin from the aging effects of cumulative daily UV exposure.

 + This Medium Tinted, moisturizing sunscreen blends well with most skin shades and evens-out skintone, in addition to protecting skin from the sun's harmful rays."- Oz Naturals

The consistency of this cream is that of a regular facial lotion.  Easily and quickly blends into the skin.  It has a scent that is rather pretty that does not linger on the skin too long after application.

Above, we have my freshly washed face with no lotion...

Here we have Oz Naturals Solar Shield freshly applied.  Now, this is actually closer the color on my neck and chest than it is on my face, so I appreciate that the color was pretty right on.  This never sets, so if you are easily irked by shine, you may want to set this.  I tried using this under makeup and felt like I was wearing a few pounds of skincare and makeup combined.  When used alone, I always set it with powder. I wish this came in more colors as those who are looking for sun protection and skincare in one would benefit from trying this out!

To learn more about the Solar Shield and Oz Naturals, please visit them HERE.

To find this on, go HERE.

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*DISCLAIMER - Item sent by company for the purpose of testing and review.  I am not being financially compensated for this post.  All words and opinions are 100% my own.* *powered by brandbacker*

Monday, August 31, 2015

Journey to 100 Empties!!! 1-5

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I have to admit...seeing empties posts is enjoyable!  Once I took stock of the mass of products I had accumulated, there was even a bigger thrill in getting to the point where I was pairing down, using and enjoying the products I had.  Here is my first entry into empty land...

#1 - BIORE Self Heating One Minute Mask - I'm a huge fan of anything mask for the skin...lotions, potions and every notion under the sun.  This mask is easy to use and what I love the most about it is that you can feel the heat and feel it working.  I just wish there were more packets in the container.  You get 4 single use packets for between $6-7 dollars.  Not exactly exorbitant, but its drugstore, give us a few more.

#2 - MEIJER (store brand) Strengthening Nail Polish Remover - just your run of the mill polish remover.  Did not dry my perpetually ragged cuticles any further, so that was a plus.

#3 - E.L.F Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets - 50 blotter sheets.  One dollar.  They work.  Enough said.

#4 - BATH AND BODY WORKS Mad About You shower gel - Foamy, rinses clean, does not add much in the way of moisture, but you do feel clean!  Contains notes of Black Current, Vanilla, Peony and Strawberry.

#5 - MAC Zoom Lash mascara - A holy grail in my book. Lengthening, thickening, and black as all hell.  Gives structure to my lashes, but never hard enough to consider them "crispy".  Never experienced any flaking, smearing, smudging.  This starts as a pretty wet formula, or at least the 2 tubes I have had were, so I let them dry out a bit and they become the perfect consistency.

What are you guys currently emptying?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rub pain away with OxyRub Pain Relief Cream!

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I recently made some changes to my lifestyle that directly affected my health for the better.  With that, I added a more rigorous exercise plan to get my up and more active.  Starting this has had no shortage of growing pains when it comes to waking up aching from the day before.  So in addition to cooling down properly, hot baths, warm water bottles and the occasional rub down from my significant other, I have also been using this cream to combat all my aches and pains...'

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream by Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, is a fast acting, deeply penetrating, topical analgesic used to get relief from aches and pains associated with minor arthritis, backaches, sore muscles and joint pain.  Inside of the plastic squeeze tube you get 4oz/114g of cream product.  You can learn more about this cream at their site HERE or purchase on

"OxyRub Pain Relief Cream rubs away pain - right on contact!

OxyRub works within minutes to:
-dissolve arthritis pain in knees, hips, fingers and wrists
-relieve tense, painful back, leg and neck muscles
-cool and soothe stubborn bursitis pain
-take the throbs out of bumps, sprains and bruises
-and so much more...

OxyRub combines the pain-relieving power of menthol with a patented, proprietary oxygenated essential oil into a soothing, pleasant smelling cream.

Just apply OxyRub where it hurts and PRESTO! No More Pain!

That's because muscle pain relief cream rubs in quickly and goes to work right at the source of your pain, to conquer it within minutes, right on contact.  Without waiting to digest a pill...without worry about drug interactions or harmful side effects...without medicinal scents, messy oils or greasy lotions.  OxyRub's secret lies in a patented blend of menthol, emollients, and oxygenated essential oil in a soothing, non-greasy cream that's absorbed into the skin in seconds with NO burning or irritation."  - Healthy Directions / OxyRub

OxyRub Pain Reliever stats
This has been one of the most pleasant pain creams I have ever used.  For me, the smell is almost pretty!  There is a slight tinge of medicine, but that quickly wears away to reveal an almost sweet and citrus scent.  The cream really does rub into the skin with no issues and absorbs very quickly.  There is a moderate cooling effect that lasts longer than other creams I have used that state the same claim.  the cooling is pleasant and it never made me feel uncomfortable.  As far as aches and pains, the cream did work within minutes...on areas where the pain was deeper or more acute, it took a little longer, but did feel the lessening of pain.  Aside from pain relief, the cream also made the areas I rubbed it in extremely soft.  I was very impressed with how quick and well this worked.  It was hard to believe that a cream that curbed my achy areas was also gentle on the rest of my body.  I accidentally touched the hand I had cream on to my face and experienced no burn, itchiness or irritation.

Super gentle, effective and fast acting...what else would you want from a pain reliever?

From now until the end of the year (12/31/15) you can get your own tube of OxyRub for 20% off!!!  When you go to check out, enter coupon code : SAVEOXY2

To purchase OxyRub from Amazon, please go HERE.

To learn more about OxyRub, Healthy Directions and much more, please go HERE.

Start experiencing life...PAIN FREE!!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Show off your summer skin with Exuviance Daily Protector with SPF - Giveaway!!!

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Well everyone, summer is here.  What better way to celebrate your skin than with an amazing skin protector with SPF 50 from one of my favorite skincare brands ever...

Let's learn a little about this powerhouse product...
"This weightless fluid blends effortlessly on clean skin, or layered under makeup in a daily skincare routine.  Broad spectrum SPF 50 protects against photodamage, the primary cause of signs of aging.  An utra-fine transparent mineral sunscreen in a virtually invisible universal tint smoothes imperfections and helps natural skin tone appear more even.

Multi-Antioxidants Vitamin E and Lactobionic Acid fortify skin's natural defense, scavenging free radicals brought on by daily environmental aggressors before they can cause premature aging.  A PHA/Bionic Complex helps prevent collagen breakdown to maintain a healthy skin matrix and firmness, and helps prevent signs of photoaging such as lines and wrinkles.  A highly purified and concentrated form of Green Tea Extract reduces cell breakdown and helps protect cellular DNA for healthy skin.  PA++++ highest level of UVA protection.

Suitable for all skin types.  Product is fragrance-free, paraben free and oil free as well as non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic." - Exuviance/NeoStrataSkin

Now that you know of the amazing ingredients and attributes of this daily skin protector, how about winning one for yourself?!!?!  Exuviance is giving 25 lucky winners the chance at snagging a full size of the Sheer Daily Protector with SPF 50 (valued at $42.00)!!!  This is U.S only. Contest runs until August 12, 2015, so hurry!  Want to enter?  Go HERE!

Join them on social media...
TWITTER - @neostrataskin
INSTAGRAM - @exuviance

Let them know there why you wear an SPF everyday!

For more information on the Sheer Daily Protector with SPF 50, check it out HERE.

To learn more about the Neostrata, Exuviance and all of their amazing products, go HERE.

*Disclaimer - Giveaway and prizes provided for by company* *powered by Brandbacker*