Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Lips featuring Tokidoki and Urban Decay

Hola!  Here's a quick post about what my favorite summer lip colors have been.  I have not worn much outside of this combo, and am loving it!

L - Tokidoki Gelato Balm in Donutella / R - Urban Decay's Lipstick in 5150   
The duo above is Tokidoki's Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Donutella, which is a Peach color with a Melon flavor.  I have seen this retail for $9.00 USD.  I picked this balm up earlier this year, and am very happy I did.  This is a true balm, that gives a slight shine to lips.  The color of this is a sheer peachy melon color.  I find that it moisturizes quite nicely.  The biggest surprise is the nice stain it leaves behind once the product wears away.  It really does give a nice stain to the lips. 

Gelato Balm Stain in DONUTELLA

There are no huge chunks of glitter or shimmer in this, which is a huge plus.  The balm stick has broken once, but I have repaired it using the freezer method, and have had no trouble since.  The packaging does not feel too sturdy, but I have had no accidents with this opening in my pocket or my purse.  The cap has the cutest Tokidoki characters on it.

Urban Decay's lipstick in 5150 is not only a summer favorite, but also a stash discovery I made a few weeks ago.  This was something I had in my stash that I had not touched for a long time.  I almost felt like slapping myself for not touching this earlier.

Urban Decay's 5150 lipstick
The color of this lipstick is a red coral, with a bit of pink/orange to it.  It is the perfect summer color.  It does contain glitters in it that are gold, but it does not make the formulation seem too gritty.  When the lipstick wears away, you notice the glitter a lot more.  The packaging for this is very heavy, metal tube, with a decently thick plastic covering.  The lipstick itself has "urban decay" printed into it, sooo cute, which may be why I did not use it as much before.  In the summer, I can tan really dark, and this color never looks bad on me.  I have also seen it on lighter ladies, and it still looks wonderful and juicy.  Once applied, it does have some shine.  This formulation is also scented, though it is not too annoying.  I have seen this retail for $22.00 USD.

Donutella / 5150
5150 / Donutella

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