Monday, November 28, 2011

Product in Motion - MAC Zoom Lash mascara

Hey there!

This is a quickie post on a mascara that is becoming one of my all-time favorites!  MAC's Zoom Lash mascara...

I will blog more about this later.  But man oh man...this mascara is quite the product.  It was love at first swipe!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone!  I know it is late, but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day!  I am very thankful for everything that I have and hope that everyone has someone looking out for them!

I am in the midst of posting soon.

Also, thanks to the team at who have made me an Editor's Pick of the Day for blogs!  Very excited and thankful for that.

Have a great one :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Haul 11/11/2011 (Estee Lauder)

Hey there, could not wait to get at least one of these up.

For a quick cheer me up, my boyfriend took me to the mall to look at the new Pure Color Cyber shadows by Estee Lauder.  These are the ones that are the tri-brid formula...gel/powder/liquid.  These are included in the limited edition collection done by Tom Pecheux.  These shadows are very much like the Pure Color Illuminating powder in Modern Mercury...that lovely highlighter that I could not get my hands on.

Well, I got one of the shadows in the shade Cyber Silver...

Pure Color in Cyber Silver
The lovely SA who was helping me threw in some extras as well...

Extras: Advance Night repair eye cream (which is DIVINE)
Double Wear Concealer in Medium 3 (total HG status)

What have you ladies hauled lately?

Quick blurb

Hiya ladies and gents!

It has been truly busy round these parts and am glad to say that it has been good.  I've got a job and this has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders.

In celebration, my partner in crime has allowed me to haul some and I have pix for you!  I will post them this week.

I hope that in time, after accruing some funds, I will be able to provide for these hauls and share them with you!

Promise to not get too busy :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revlon Crushed Velvet - Push Up Plum (swatch) DISC

There is nothing like the perfect red, wine, brown, burgundy lip to put you in the fall/winter mood!  No trouble with that here since it has been cold and we have already had a bit of snow.  I present to you Revlon Crush Velvet lipstick in Push Up Plum!

This is a creamy, beautiful plummy red color that has been over-sprayed with the most beautiful shimmer.  The shimmer does not run throughout the lip color...which was not good when I first swatched it as I was hoping to get a silvery red color out of this.  But the more and more I used this, the more I loved it!  The formulation is very smooth and creamy.  I do not find this lipstick to be too drying.  I think this collection came out a few years ago...along with a glittery eye shadow,  liquid lip/cheek stain, etc.  This was the only color of the lipsticks that I picked up.

I find this to be a great year round color as I am a huge fan of all shades of red for any time of year.  This is especially striking with a pale wash over the eye, very thin liner, tons of lashes/mascara, and a defined cheek.  With a color this bold, I like to keep the eyes and cheeks very innocent, and vamp up the mouth as much as I can.

This lipstick is no longer available in stores.  You may find it online or stores like Big Lots or Dollar Tree now.

What are your favorite fall/winter lip looks?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin - Review

This review is for the new line Burt's Bees came out with for their Natural Skin Solutions line for sensitive skinned ladies and gentlemen.  I have with me the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream.  These were provided to me through BZZAGENT.  To learn about bzzagent or to become one, please visit

Cleanser/Daily Lotion

Cleanser - I have combination skin.  I wanted to try something more steered towards sensitive skin people as my skin likes to act up during the winter months.  This cleanser is a non-sudsing, non-foaming, cream cleanser that contains Cotton Extract to prevent dryness.  This is one THICK cleanser.  There is really nothing positive for me to say about this.  It is very thick and you get a film after you rinse it off.  I found that using my Clarisonic afterwards helped in getting rid of that film.  I also felt that it did not get my skin clean.  I just did not get that fresh faced feeling at all.  This may work for sensitive skinned guys and gals, but since I don't, it just did not work for me.

Lotion - The daily moisturizing cream was very pleasant!  Another thick cream, but it feels very nice and emollient.  I now see that this will be a god send during the cold, dry weather months.  I love how it glides over the skin and has no fragrance detectable to me.  The delivery system is one of my favorites for lotions.  It comes in a pump system that is very clean and hygienic.  My nose and forehead can get a bit oily, but even with that, the lotion did not add to any greasiness.  Very moisturizing and loved the way it soaked into my skin.

I would not pay $10.00 USD to purchase the cleanser, though I would for the $15.00 USD ticket attached to the lotion.  I would advise looking for a coupon if the prices seem a little steep.  I have had no trouble finding this at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Brown Eyed Girl Palette

Thank you Target for bringing us the Sonia Kashuk line!!!

If you aren't familiar with her line, please head to your local Target or HERE  to view the products online.

The line ranges from cosmetics, to brushes, bags, etc.  It is all really wonderful stuff and great quality too!

For you today, I have her Brown Eyed Girl Quad:

Sonia Kashuk Brown Eyed Girl palette

Back of palette

This quad contains 4 equal sized pans of glittery color.  You can purchase these for $12.99 USD.  I own 3 of these creamy, glittery palettes.  I must advise, if you dislike glitter, read another post, purchase some other palette.  This is definitely not for the faint of heart!  The colors in it are a champagne, greyed brown, a browny copper, and a forest green.  Now, I know that I said that it is glittery, and it is, but that does not mean it is a fall out, dusty mess.  The consistency of these shadows is almost cream like.  I would hope that you would not confuse that with the NYX style glitter creams, which do not offer anything but a few chunks of glitter within a semi greasy base.  But that is just my opinion.

Open palette

With the consistency of these shadows being "creamy", it is quite nice to use them with your fingers.  They are easy to swipe and place on the eye.  Over a base they are heaven!  I do use brushes with these too, but I find that I like a really tightly packed, small brush for this.  I would not recommend anything fluffy for this.  Though the glitter seems to be suspended in a "base", there is still fall out if you fluff out this color at all.  I control it by patting on color with a dense brush, and fuzzing it out with my finger.  The shadow is pretty easy to move around, which is great.

Swatched  - No base/primer-Natural lighting
These swatches here are just one swipe of the shadows.  I did not use a primer before swatching these.  Now, the glitter in most of these is slightly colored of that of the base shadow, but you really get the sparkle from the silver glitter contained as well.  I love these shadows over colored bases mostly.  Black bases garner the most drama here.

Close up swatches

These shadows really do catch light very well.  At night, they can give the eye a glass like sheen, or like if the lid was covered in gloss.  I hope the glitter does not scare those who do not like it away.  The wear of these is long lasting and comfortable. And once again, they provide such a glowy eye that I cannot imagine everyone not trying them at least once.  For the price point, value, wear...its got my vote!

What Sonia Kashuk products are you guys loving at the moment?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a thought v 1.5

So, today I got called/emailed for two job interviews!!!!  I have been waiting so long for a door to open, and this may finally be it.

Ive got a few posts lined up that should be here this week.  Fall is in full effect...with that went my decent lighting.  I have very poor lighting in my apartment, and bad, yellowy/orange lighting in the bathroom, but it is what I have got until I can work up another light set up.  This means a trip to home depot I think.

Well, off to put on my night balm and eye cream and float to bed as one of my interviews is tomorrow.  By the way, am loving Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair luxe for the eye area!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a thought v 1.4

In between working other blog posts...I thought about my to do list.

Haircut this weekend

Dinner with bf's bandmates and their wives


Clean bedroom

Rearrange beauty area

My vanity is in such disarray!!!  I am getting to the point where I am hating having those white totes all over my room...its not really attractive to me anymore.  Am really wanting a clutter free vanity, no white totes.  I can always keep most of my stuff in train cases..blah blah blah.  Sorry guys, it is just one of those days.

Rant over :)