Saturday, April 22, 2017

Facial cleansing on the go? Try it with Leaders LABOTICA Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissues/Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Removers!

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This past semester, my life has gotten increasingly crazy. Now in the final weeks of school, the stress of clinical rotations, homework and final exams, the neglect to properly clean my skin has it showing it.  Bad.  Leaders, who you know churns out some amazing sheet masks, has come out with cleansing wipes that are a godsend for those on the go, or those that might just be a bit lazy at night! ;)

Leaders LABOTICA line of cleansing tissues.  The packaging colors are amaze!

Here are the logistics:
LABOTICA Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissues.  Pack of 50.  Flip top lid and inner seal to keep them fresh.  $8.50 USD.
LABOTICA Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Remover Cleansing Tissues.  Pack of 30.  $6.00 USD.
There is also a Bamboo Water cleansing tissue available.  All can be found at Leaders website or you can also purchase these at Ulta!

Here's my face...wearing tons of makeup to mask the eye designer bags...

Lets concentrate on the Argan Oil Deep cleansing tissues.  From Leaders "formulated with argan oil these deep cleansing tissues remove makeup and dead cells while cleansing and nourishing the skin." They also claim to provide hydration and make removal easy and gentle for the skin.  The tissue themselves are wet but not saturated which I appreciate.  Nothing worse than being all drippy, amiright?  The wipe is also textured which helps grab makeup and dead skin.  Gentle and fast is how I would categorize this tissue.  I did not have to rub hard to get old makeup off.  It is scented and I cannot put my finger on what exactly this smells like, a very clean skincare scent.  Left skin cooled and moisturized.  Per instructions you should rinse after you cleanse.  Eye and lip makeup left for the next product.

The real surprise here and total hero are the Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Remover tissues.  These are flipping fantastic.  Leaders claims that they "wipe away stubborn makeup in the most sensitive areas of the face.  They are gentle yet powerful formula removes makeup without the need for excessive wiping."  Hello...this is exactly what a thirty something lady such as myself needs.  No tugging means I'm treating my fragile eye area well.  These are quite small and before you start on its size, just know that these things are FIERCE!  I used one pad in this picture.  One side twice for both eyes, and the other side for lips.  The lips were covered in a long wearing, matte lipstick which usually stains.  Aside from leaving behind an oily residue, these demolished my makeup.  These little tiny circles of awesomeness killed my makeup.  I do like how the film left behind moisturizes my eye area.

A little shiny an oily, but those tiny wipes kill makeup!! Pre rinse.
Well, let's just get this out of the way...I LOVE THESE!  You do have to rinse after using both wipes, and I would strongly recommend that with the point remover tissues as they do leave that film behind.  So maybe if you are a bit more tired than usual, rinsing after may sound like a drag.  I have used these and forgot to rinse after (I swear I usually follow directions....sometimes...okay, sue me :)
A quick rinse later and skin is clean and fresh and not tight!  It is also rather soft, I was not expecting that of a wipe that was gentle to begin with.  I've already purchased backups because that is what normal people do, right?

Remember that you can purchase these at HERE, and HERE for the Leaders site.
Also can be purchased at Ulta HERE.

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Thanks for reading!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Leaders in exchange for an honest review.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  All words are 100% my own.*

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 Steps To Lovely Skin with Purpletale

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Okay guys...nothing is more exciting than when I can try out a product from a brand I haven't yet and let you guys know all about it!  Thanks to the wonderful crew over at, I am now a part of their 3rd generation #beautifulpioneer program...which means I have the pleasure of reviewing for you Purpletale's 5 Steps To Lovely Skin Mask pack.

Purpletale's 5 Steps Mask pack...its a big one!

Here are the details.  Let's go!

Purpletale 5 Steps To Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution.
Contains: foam facial cleanser, ampoule, 2 piece hydrogel face mask, facial cream, neck cream.
Retails for $8.00 USD at and
Made in Korea.

From Purpletale - "Our 5-step complete facial solution will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and looking absolutely lovely.  We combined RGII (which is extracted from ginseng saponin through advanced fermentation technology) with peptide complexes (protein fragments that signal the skin to produce more collagen) to leave your skin feeling firm and more radiant." - Purpletale

So this is going to make my skin feel amazing and its convenient?  Alright Purpletale, show me what you got!

Pre skincare.  Let's fix that, shall we?

So pre-treatment face.  Ive only cleaned eye area with micellar water due to eye makeup I was testing out earlier.  Skin is combo/oily.  I have a bit of redness around my cheeks and nose and some scarring from an acne attack about 2 weeks ago.  Oil buildup from being around the house and too lazy to blot my oily face that only you guys would see in this photograph :).

Step 1 - Cream foam cleanser.  No photo as this looked like your average creamy, foamy cleanser.  You need very little to get a good foam out of this.  I used the entire packet and it may have been a bit much as it was hard for me to get a nice foam initially.  My face felt SQUEAKY clean afterward, but also tight and dry.  Scent was a very typical, clean skincare smell.  Pretty and clean.  Not super pleased about that, but let's move on.

Step 2 - Ampoule

The ampoule was awesome.  A runny gel that absorbed into skin soon after application.  Skin was left with a bit of tack, but nothing that was uncomfortable or I felt would hinder the remaining products.  Just as the cleanser, this also shared in that skincare, clean smell.

Step 3 - Mask

Hydrogel mask, how much do I love thee...let me count the ways.  Alright, let me calm down.  5 Steps has a great 2 piece hydrogel mask as step 3.  For my face shape (wide face and big eyes usually make for not fun mask wearing sessions) this mask was a win.  The 2 piece made it easy to maneuver the mask in place to best suit my needs.  The hydrogel is SUPER thin, which is comfortable in the wear category, but tears easily when trying to place it.  I wore this for 30 minutes with no dripping and only slight drying.  There was a nice amount of essence left in the bag which I quickly used on my arms and decolletage.  After wear, skin was left brighter and oh so smooth. I also noticed the redness I had subsided.  The added effect of the hydrogel is that is immensely cooling.  Slight amount of tack left after wear.  This will definitely be in my summertime mask arsenal.

Step 4 - Facial Cream.

As the fourth step, the facial cream sealed in all the work we had previously done.  The texture was somewhere between thin and thick, moisturizing with a decent amount of slip.  Once I had blended it into my skin and let it soak for a sec, I then felt how soft my skin felt.  Felt like a basic cream, but was left with rather awesome results.  *the next morning, woke up to plump and softer skin.  No additional oiliness to report.*

Step 5 - Neck Cream

Same texture as the facial cream and same moisture giving formula. Easy to blend, quick to absorb and left my neck feeling supple.  This did leave behind a residue that I patted off.  With one use, it is hard to see results, but I did appreciate what moisture it imparted.


Verdict:  For convenience, you can't beat this.  All basic steps you need to address most of your skins needs in one packet.  For those wanting to start a multi-step skincare regimen, you will want to start here!  Everything was pretty easy to use and left me with bright, soft skin.  What else could you ask for?  I give this a 6/10.

To learn more about purpletale and their entire range of products, including this mask, go HERE.

To purchase Purpletale's 5 Steps to Lovely Skin mask or other products, go HERE.

*DISCLAIMER - Item sent by as part of their Beauty Pioneer Review program.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  All words and opinions are 100% my own. Links added are for convenience.*

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spa Night In featuring Luke (Total Skin Solution)

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After this long week of work and classes, nothing sounds better to my weary soul and skin than a spa night in.  Yup, just me, some skincare, snacks and movies!  Here we have the pleasure of bringing you some skincare tlc by way of Luke skincare.


Luke Snail Essence Mask - retail $1.65 USD x1 piece
Luke Mugwort Nose Strip - retail usually $1.20, free right now - just pay shipping!
Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch - retail $1.80 USD x1 pair

Here is how I got my night on....(cue soft music, candles, wine....)

Luke's Mugwort nose strip is your basic nose strip.  I do find that it has a bit more tack and dries faster than most easily found in drugstores, which is what I like about these.  The Mugwort scent I am not so much a fan of.  It is a bit musky upon removal.  But, you can assail your nose for a few minutes when you see the gunk it pulls from your pores, amiright?  Was not painful to remove and left me clearer than I was before.

Alright, yes, there is a ton of realness going on in this photo.  But can see what going on with my nose and that's all that matters.  I shall call this one...Congestion.  :)

Right after usage.  Not 100, but this is looking a lot cleaner.  Also a bit drier, but beggars cant be choosers, right?  The end of the nose strip doesn't have a cut in it to really get it around the tip of the nose.  Something I will remember to do next time.  Other than that, happy with my result.

The Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patches were a sweet relief to use.  Backed by fabric and having a thick gel layer, these adhered to the skin in the most awesome way.  There was an initial cooling that was lovely that dissipated as time wore on.  After 25 minutes, eyes felt more alive, were a bit brighter and cooled.  No residue left behind which was a huge plus!

The final layer of Luke came by way of their Snail Essence Mask.  The lovely snail helps us by repairing damage with its slimy goodness.  It contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and is even me, you want this on your skin!  This promised to refresh, soothe, moisturize and improve skin's vitality.

Decent fit around the face...eyes, well, its an issue I have with a lot of masks.  But you may not share my face shape, so don't let this picture alone dissuade you from trying it.  Adhered nicely, stayed moist for the duration of wear (25 minutes).  Slight tack on skin after, but nothing too concerning.

And here we are...brighter looking skin, more rested looking eyes and cleaner pores on the nose.  What more can a girl ask for?  Well...a new camera and scholarship money for school would be a start...but seriously, if you are wanting to get your feet wet with Korean beauty...why not start with Luke?

To find these products, go HERE to find them at :)

tip of the day: Anytime you try new skincare, remember that your mileage may vary!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Skin18 for consideration and review.  I am not being financially compensated for this post.  All words and opinions are my own.*

Targeted skincare with Holika Holika 3D Medi Masks (Skin18)

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Skin18 for the purpose of testing/reviewing. I am not being financially compensated for this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

It is always an exciting day when a new sheetmask makes its way into my hands.  I had heard of Holika Holika before but had yet to try any of their products. was kind enough to send me some of their masks to see what all the buzz was about.  So let's target some areas...shall we?


Holika Holika 3D Medi masks - 5 types (lifting, whitening, aqua, pore, soothing)
retails for: $4.40 USD on
1 sheet mask per envelope

Let us now discuss particulars on these fellas...

Aqua was first.  3D Medi Aqua was here to deliver intense moisture into the skin with the help of glacier water, hyaluronic acid and Betaine.  Its particular skin conditioning checks were moisturizing, smooth skin, healthy skin and skin balance.  I did find this to power punch me in the face with moisture!  This, along with the other two masks Ill mention, was juicy as all get out!  After wearing this one for about 20 minutes, skin was plump, glossy and super soft.

3D Medi Lifting contained Collagen, Protein Complex and Adenosine to help intensely lift the skin.  Its particular checks were anti-wrinkle, nutrition supply, lifting, skin power.  Now, I was not expecting this mask to lift or add too much in the way of anti-wrinkle.  I imagine a series of these used for weeks would garner a more dramatic result.  But after the recommend wear time, skin was bright, soft, and bouncy.

3D Medi Whitening I was super excited about.  With Vitamin C, Vitamin E derivative and Vitamin B6, its skin conditioning checks promised brightening skin tone, whitening, skin purification and vitality.  After my 20 or so minutes, skin was indeed bright, soft and super hydrated.  Again, a mask that I would think would need a couple of weekly applications to garner more discernible results.


Here is where I have the biggest problem...this mask was not made for someone for my face shape.  It had a lot of cuts around the mask, which did help me try to budge it into the best place possible, but the 3D aspect of this just did not work out for me.  The forehead area had gaps along the seam which dried out faster than other areas of the mask.  Same goes for chin and nose.  The eye holes were super close together so mask kept getting into my eyes.  The chin flaps were an amazing bonus.  That sucker held on nice and tight for about 80% of the duration of the mask.  Once it started to dry from the gaps, the flaps did loosen a bit.


Cannot say enough about how much moisture these put onto my skin.  Skin was soft and pliable after these treatments.  But they did leave skin with a pretty sticky residue that I tried to have work with my other skincare.  Unfortunately that did not work.  So for the last mask I just rinsed off the residue and continued with my routine.

I enjoyed most of the attributes of these masks.  Would love to see them come out with another face shape and give it another go!  If you are looking to try out the 3D trend...why not start here?

To check out these Holika Holika masks...check them out at HERE.

Always remember guys and gals...with skincare, your mileage may vary!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Skin18 for the purpose of testing/reviewing. I am not being financially compensated for this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Priming and Perfecting with Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer

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Well, gone are the days where I could put anything and everything on my face and it would all fall into place and look lovely.  These days....well...we could use a little help.  Now in my early 30's, I am experiencing more issues with texture, tone, oiliness, and did I mention texture?  The mistakes of my youth are now showing themselves in my pores (wahhh).  But that is where Studio Gear comes in with their primer, Prime Objective.  Let us learn a little about this guy, shall we?

Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer:

Key Features -
Cyclomethicone - primes while leaving the skin incredibly soft and smooth
Liposome System containing Retinol - promotes cell renewal as it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Pro-Biobalance - highly beneficial in moisturizing, firming, smoothing and balancing stress damaged skin
Lactose, milk protein - used as skin conditioning agent and humectant
Bifida ferment Lysate - serves as balancing care for stress-damaged skin.  protects from environmental stress and stabilizes  the immune system of the skin
Antioxidants - anti aging, promotes cell renewal, strengthens skin structure and protects from enviromental damage
Optical Diffusers - brightening and line minimizing  - Studio Gear

So why do you need this?  Prime Objective helps to give you a perfect canvas by acting as photo retouch!  Lines are blurred, texture minimized and brighteners help to being light to the skin.  Lets talk texture.  Prime Objective feels almost wet when it comes out of the tube.  Super smooth and silky due to its silicone feel, it spreads evenly over skin and immediately you will see the results.

"Prime Objective contains a sustained release liposome system with retinol that can help promote cell turnover and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a milk protein complex that can help to balance and protect the skin against environmental stresses." - Studio Gear

Pre Prime Objective:

Obvious texture from lingering acne and my inability to keep my hands off of my face (sorry face!).  I also have some discoloration from some previously angry acne blowouts.  This was about an hour or so after washing and lightly moisturizing my face.  Some oils have come about.  This is pretty standard for me.

Post Prime Objective:

Skin is now mattified and looks and feels smoother.  I look a bit more even and though you can still see my hyperpigmentation, it is a bit more diffused.

Now, this primer states that contained within is the liposome system with Retinol.  I have been using this for at least 30 days and have not noticed anything remarkable yet, but keep in mind, I layer skincare before I put on primer/makeup.  It is possible that it is not sinking all the way in and may not be a true testament to the primers anti-aging claim.

Having used this alongside my powder, cream and liquid foundations, I have yet to experience them not playing along.  No changes in formula, oxidation, piling, etc.  This is not scented and is paraben free.

This primer is a welcomed member of my prepping lineup and am excited to have found something that plays well with the rest of my skincare and makeup.  Look forward to seeing what skin will look like after the 3 and 6 month stage.

To find out more about Prime Objective, go HERE.

And for those in the mood to shop...Studio Gear is offering 10% off to my readers...use coupon code BB and start shopping!

**DISCLAIMER: Item sent by company for the purpose of reviewing.  I am not being financially compensated for this post.  All words and opinions are 100% my own.** *POWERED BY BRANDBACKER*