Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maybelline The Falsies - Review

So here we are...

The Falsies

The reason for my quickie post!  I have to say, I am rather surprised to hear that this has mascara has detractors too.

You can find this mascara at any mass retailer or Ulta, usually between $5 - $7 USD.  This comes in both waterproof, regular, washable and black drama.  The Falsies is from the Volum Express line that Maybelline does.

At first, like with many of the drug store mascaras I have used, the formula is very wet!  I grew accostomed to it being that way, and used a kitchen paper towel to dry off the wand a bit in preparation for use.  This is temporary, the product dries out like all mascaras, and it is way easier to use.

The best and possibly worst part of this mascara is the brush...

brush closeup
The head of the brush is shaped like a half moon.  It is also extremely flexible.  At first, I found this rather odd, as I felt unstable putting this on my lashes.  I like to use the brush curve side down first, to coat lashes and coax them into a curl.  Then I like to use it curve side up to lengthen and thicken.  I think that the flexibility of the brush adds to the drama this mascara creates.  Once you get the hang of it, you will really see the difference in your lashes.  Best of all, I love how inky Black the formula is.


  1. love your blue eyeshadow! that's great the mascara works for you. i couldn't get a hang of the wet formula and the brush!

  2. @Amanda - Thanks! Its my favorite blue...Indigo by Cover Girl, and a steal! Yeah, how wet the mascara was could have been a let down, but Im glad I stuck with it. I know it's not for everyone, and does not come close to my HG (MUFE Smokey Lash), but for what it is, I will def take it! :)