Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LORAC multidimensional shadow in 3D-licious / Swatch (UD Lounge DUPE)

The purpose of this particular post was to let you know about LORAC's eyeshadow in 3D-Licious, one of a few that came out for their Multidimensional shadow range.  From what I remember, this was a kit that had 3 shadows and a lovely clutch, a palette, and there may have been another kit in there.  This came out a while ago, and I was lucky enough to purchase my shadows from Ulta.

LORAC 3D-licious eyeshadow
This little pot is 1.7g of awesome duo-chrome.  The duo-chrome flash is green, brown and red.  The formulation of this shadow is to die for.  I have always been a fan of LORAC shadows as they tend to be very soft, very buttery and a dream to blend.  The quality extends to all of the shadow formulations...from the matte, to the shimmery, to the satin.  

shadow description

open shadow pan (brown.green.red flash)

open shadow pan (direct sunlight)
This shadow is a combination of a few colors on me.  Keep in mind that I only use a few bases with it.  For true to pan color, I use either LORAC's Behind the Scenes primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  For colored  bases, I use a NYX JEP in a dark color, or MUFE's Flash color Palette in a dark color as well.  My favorites have been dark brown, dark green or black.  This is a shadow I tend to use all over the eye, as once blended, it looks different from certain angles.  

I like to put on my base, pack the shadow onto my lid, and blend the color up into and above my crease.  The lid itself retains all of the duo-chrome gorgeousness, while on me, the shadow falls into a reddish brown gradient in the crease.  

Swatch: LORAC 3D-licious (natural, direct sunlight)
If you are saying to yourself "Have I not seen this color before on this girl's blog, and was it not Urban Decay's Lounge?"  Then yes, you are correct.  I find this to be an exact dupe of UD's Lounge eyeshadow.  To view an eye look with it, please go HERE.  

Here is a side by side of the shadows...

LORAC's 3D-licious vs. UD Lounge shadow

Lounge has a bit more of a reddish undertone on  me than 3D-licious...but boy aren't they pretty?  I am in the process of getting 3 other very close dupes of this color.  Stay tuned :)

What are everyone's favorite duo-chromes?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stash Discovery - Prescriptives Lip Polish in ARDOR

Prescriptives Lip Polish in Ardor 14
TA-DA!!!  Why I waited to so long to use this I have no idea!  This is one exceptional little pot of goodness.  One thing you will learn about me is that I am all about a bright lip.  Reds especially.  Most of my lip products are red, red toned...you get the idea.  I had purchased this at beautyticket.com a few years back when they were selling makeup (when did they go all skincare on us?).

This gloss is enclosed in a plastic, screw top style jar.  The jar itself is frosted plastic and the top is clear so you can see the product.  I believe this was already out of stores when I scored it on beautyticket.  Here is this lovely gloss for your enjoyment!

This pot is filled with a slightly thick, slightly sticky, gorgeously sheer gloss.  It has a nice cling to the lips and the stick helps it last throughout its wear time.  My favorite way of wearing this is over any matte red lipstick or red lipstain.  Once this wears away, it leaves behind a semi shiny, light red stain.  I consider this to be a true red.  I really do wish I would have gotten more of these when I could find them, but alas...I did not.  The pot itself has lasted quite awhile without the product changing or going rancid.

Blended swatch of Ardor
Thanks for looking everyone :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Bronze - swatch

The sun was completely gracious this weekend and decided to let me take some great swatch pictures!  I was excited as I do not have good lighting at all in my apartment.

With summer just around the corner, I decided to show you Stila's Illuminating Finishing Powder (IFP) in Bronze...

Stila IFP in Bronze

This is one BIG pot of Bronze!  Now, I am not an aficionado when it comes to bronzers.  I do not wear them at all, but that's more out of not knowing how to use them.

I would not necessarily use this as a bronzer as it is quite quite shimmery.  In the pan it looks like it may lend a sheen to things, but once on the skin, you can see how shimmery it really is.

heavy swatch - lt / blended swatch - rt
This color strikes me as more "rose gold" than bronze, especially when blended.  You do need a light hand with this.  The first few times I used it I had to become accustomed to how pigmented this product really is.  Running a brush across the pan can make the product "flake" a bit...does not look like you are picking up a ton of product.  Once on the skin it blends nicely.  Just one more product that I need to learn to use properly and give some well deserved love to :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tiny Purchase - Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup Lesson

Once again, we have what I like to call a "tiny purchase".  I picked up this little gem at Macy's about a month and a half ago...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup Lesson
This was a total of $42.50 USD at Macy's.  I believe a tube of Double Wear Light runs you about $36.00 USD.  This kit contained the following...

     Double Wear Light Foundation
     Matte Perfecting Primer deluxe sample
     Advance Night Repair Eye Cream sample
     Double Wear Concealer mini
     Small Foundation brush
     How To DVD

Here's a look at the brush...

I am really loving the Double Wear Light formulation.  I fell in love with the concealer when I purchased it last year and it has been a worthy investment.  This kit is lovely...I could do without the how to dvd, but it was a great buy to get all the neat extras.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tiny Purchase - Urban Decay Last Call

Here with a tiny purchase from Ulta about a month ago.  Urban Decay's Last Call shadow...love the color, hate the formula of this.  The bonus?  Delux mini of De Slick Oil Control spray!  I am banking on not having to do anything this weekend and that the sun cooperates with me so that I can swatch everything I have acquired over the last couple of months.

Have a great day! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My naked palette (version Diana.0)

Urban Decay's Naked palette.

 Something I did not pick up and did not care to pick up.  

And then the photos started to show up...beautiful looks that were all neutral and gorgeous and...alright, enough of that!

I took a look in my stash and saw that I had what I like to call my naked palette! Colors that were similar to the Naked palette in palettes I already owned...

Cargo's Essentials palette

Cargo's Essential Palette - contains 4 smooth and blendable shadows, with matte and satin textures.  Awesome basic colors that are very soft and creamy.  This is definitely a daily go to palette! :)

Sugar's Day Job Round the Clock palette

Sugar's Round the Clock palette in Day Job.  8 shades ranging from satin, to matte to shimmer.  When I want to wear a more creative eye, but still stay within a neutral color palette, this is where I go.  The texture of these shadows in nice, actually.  The spectrum of colors runs nicely and have had no trouble in getting this to go with everything!  Unfortunately this palette has been discontinued.

Though it may not be THE naked palette, it did let me get more use out of palettes that I had stashed away to the wayside (bad MUAer I know).  I would hope that this would get you gals and guys going on shopping your stash and seeing what hidden gems you uncover.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Checking in

Hey everyone!

Finally getting into a groove at work which is amazing.  Spent most of last week home as I was home with an infection and cold, but am feeling way better now!  Have a Big Lots haul this is awesome coming up.

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