Thursday, August 28, 2014

POP Beauty Plump Pout in Fuchsia Freesia - swatches

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POP Beauty Fuchsia Freesia gloss
I received this little gloss as part of one of my beauty bag subscriptions a while ago.  This is POP Beauty's Plump Pout gloss in Fuchsia Freesia.  Fuchsia Freesia is one of four in the plump pout range.  Item in picture above is sample size, full size, you will get a chubbier version of the bottle containing 0.3 oz/8.5g of product. Purchase price for full size is $16.00 USD.  You may find these at the POP Beauty site, as well as Ulta,, etc.

POP Beauty Fuchsia Freesia
This gloss is part of a 4 gloss range called Plump Pout glosses.  With the exception of Fuchsia Freesia, all of the other shades are subdued.    This range promises the high shine of gloss with the longevity of a stain.  Plump Pout glosses also contain avocado and jojoba oils as well as peptides that plump!

Above - Fuchsia Freesia - flash / below - Fuchsia Freesia - no flash
I like the texture of these glosses.  They are non sticky, shiny, but have an almost balm like feel to them.  These do have a rather particular scent that is very hard to describe other than chemically, but does fade rather quickly.  Upon first application, you get a dose of color that quickly sheers out once you envelope the lips with it.  You can layer it to get more intensity, but do not next any super bright saturation from this.  Plump Pout did not last long on my lips with normal activity (eating, drinking, etc), but kept my lips moisturized after.  I did not experience any staining effect, which  was a bit of a let down, but the fact that the gloss was not drying made up for that!

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog.  I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being paid for my review*

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup 8/24/2014

THANK YOU! 100 Instagram followers reached!

Hey there everyone...about a week ago, I hit 100 followers on Instagram...and though some may think that is a small milestone...for me it is HUGE!  Because of this, and because you guys are simply awesome, I am giving away a Hello Kitty pouch filled with new lip products.  Everyone needs new lippies...right?  :)

Products in prize pack are:
*ELF lipgloss in Malt
*NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel
*Jesse's Girl gloss in Lip Lock
*City Color lip crayon in Malt
*Jordana gloss in Watermelon Punch
*Hello Kitty pouch

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Exuviance Illumination Duo - review

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I am new to nighttime treatments.  I have a skincare regimen that I am loyal to for day time moisturization and treatment, but had not ventured into evening skincare much.  One item I have always read is that at night, your skin has a much better chance at drinking in serums, moisturizers, etc.  This allows for a better and deeper penetration of product and improvement in physical results.  I am pleased to introduce you to a skincare duo that has opened my eyes to the world of treatment at night.

Exuviance Illumination Duo - Evening Restorative Complex / Vitamin C Booster
Exuviance's Illumination Duo consists of the Evening Restorative Complex and the Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster.  Both of the products can be purchased straight from the NeoStrata, or from Ulta,, etc.  For the Evening Restorative Complex, you get 1.75oz/50g of cream product in a hard, plastic pump tube.  The Vitamin C+ antiaging booster contains 10g/0.35oz of powdered product.  The duo itself goes for $77.00 USD, but the products can be purchased on their own.

"This duo combines the power of our nighttime transformer, Evening Restorative Complex, with the 100% pure active formulation of Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster for a potent antiaging cocktail that combats the visible signs of aging".  - NeoStrata

Exuviance Illumination Duo - ingredients
Exuviance's Illumination Duo is a two step, nighttime treatment with antiaging benefits...The Evening Restorative Complex is a very luxurious feeling lotion that contains PHA/Bionic Complex and antioxidants to help in the improvement of fine lines and skin texture.  The complex is also full of vitamins A, C and E, and botanicals that all have been clinically proven to transform the skin.

Evening Restorative Complex - package details
With use of the Evening Restorative Complex, users saw transformed skin in 4 weeks, and also have:

*82% experienced increased elasticity
*87% felt softer, more supple skin
*82% reported an improvement in fine lines

Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster
Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster is to be used in conjunction with your moisturizer or serum.  It contains an active formulation of Vitamin C, but also has an added super antioxidant, Aceta-C (TM), which aid in collagen synthesis, firmness and smoothing of lines and wrinkles.  This cocktail, along with your moisturizer/serum, combat the signs of aging, and strengthen your skin's defenses for future signs of aging.

With the addition of the Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster to your daily moisturizer or serum, users have noticed:

*strengthen skin's matrix
*improve firmness and smooth wrinkles
*helps fade dark spots and aids in prevention of future discoloration and signs of aging

Exuviance Illumination Duo - products
In the first week that I have used this product, I have noticed a pretty drastic feeling in the texture of my skin.  It is radically smoother than it has been.  Waking up, I can see and feel how much softer and smoother it is.  The Evening Restorative Complex seems like a mix between a gel and a lotion.  It is lightweight on the skin, but covers and feels like a balm like lotion would.  You can really feel when this sinks in and can easily put other products over it as it absorbs quickly.  For those sensitive to scents, please do not let that deter you from using this product.  It does have very spa-like scent that is midway between floral and herbal that is not offensive at all.  It is quite strong upon application, but softens a lot once product sinks in.

When I added in the Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster, I did not notice any change to the Evening Restorative Complex.  Once combined, it felt as if I had added nothing at all.    I know that the first few days I felt no reaction, but I did use a half scoop of the booster around day 5 and did feel a slight tingle, which the company does let you know about.  On the product, you can see clearly defined instructions for how much to use.

I am excited to see my results in two weeks and in a month!  It is vital to add products into your regimen that will take care of your skin during the day, and treat it at night.  Your skin is an investment, shouldn't the products you use reflect that?  Exuviance's Illumination Duo covers a wide range of issues we all will face that we can now fight with the help of their Evening Restorative Complex and Vitamin C+ antiaging Booster.  Converted for life.

For more information about the Illumination Duo, what it can do for you, ingredients information, and where you can buy, please go to NeoStrata.

*DISCLAIMER - Product sent by company for consideration, and for purposes of testing/reviewing.  I am not being compensated for my review.  All opinions are my own*

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Valentia Skincare Even Glow Serum - review

*Disclaimer - Item(s) sent by company for consideration and review.  All opinions are my own.  I am not being compensated for my opinions/views*  *Powered by BRANDBACKER*

There is nothing more satisfying than finding products that work for you.  Products that are effective and results driven.  In regard to skincare, I have always had a "if it does not work, try, try again" mentality and have continued to try many products in the hopes of finding the right ones.  Today for you, I have Valentia Skincare's Even Glow Serum...

Valentia Even Glow Serum
Valentia's Even Glow Serum is an anti-aging, vitamin C serum that contains both organic Rosehip Seed and Sea Buckthorn Oils, Resistern plant stem cells, botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea extract.  Contained inside the dark glass dropper bottle, you receive 1.18fl.oz/35ml of liquid product.  This retails for $35.00 USD.  You may purchase this at HERE.

Even Glow Serum - packaging

Even Glow Serum is an antioxidant treatment that offers a substantial benefits that includes:
*evens out skintone *increases glow and radiance *boosts collagen production *reduces wrinkles and fine lines
"Valentia's Even Glow Serum has a foundation of 20% Vitamin C, formulated with strategically selected Skin Super Oils.  Each natural ingredient was chosen to enhance antioxidant protection and boost your skin's radiance.  This superior treatment is formulated to brighten, protect and even skintone, reducing the appearance of aging." - Valentia Skincare
Even Glow Serum - ingredients
There are 3 amazing ingredients in this serum that are responsible for giving you amazing skin...Vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil.  These three powerhouses, along with Resistern, Green Tea extract, and hyaluronic acid are the tools Valentia Skincare gives you to Repair, Refresh and Renew.
ingredients - cont.
When I first tried this serum, I was impressed with how quickly this absorbed into my skin.   The serum itself is very extremely lightweight and cooling on the skin.  Even Glow Serum does have a scent, so those that are sensitive to this may want to test try first.  The scent of this is very much citrus based, though after initial application, it does wear away.  Once applied, it leaves skin very soft.  After a week, I noticed how hydrated my skin looked.  This is one major hydrator!!!  Areas of my skin where I had dryness are less flaky now and the appearance of my skin is just that much more moisturized.  And yes...there really is a glow!  Towards the end of the first week of use, you could really see the skin glowing.  On my non makeup days it was most apparent, but was nice nonetheless

Valentia Skincare Even Glow Serum - swatch
I am really excited about keeping this a part of my everyday skincare routine.  I have loved introducing this to my skin and seeing early results.  Those of use looking for an antioxidant/vitamin push for the skin should look towards Valentia Even Glow serum.  For a more in depth look at what Even Glow Serum's ingredients can do for you and your skin, please check here Valentia Skincare.

*Disclaimer - Item(s) sent by company for consideration and review.  All opinions are my own.  I am not being compensated for my opinions/views*  *Powered by BRANDBACKER*

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beauty Blogazon Weekly Roundup 8/3/2014