Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Hello all.  Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend.  I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend's dad march in his hometown parade.  Boy, was it a hot one.  91 degrees, a slight breeze, and sun that could melt metal.  I was smart enough to wear light clothing, had my long hair up and away from my face, and simple makeup. 

I have to give it up to Make Up Forever's Aqua Creams.  I wore shade number 15 as a wash all over the lid.  This held up even when I took off my sunglasses and started to perspire heavily.  I must say that two of my to-go-to products let me down.  First up is Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel eyeliner.  I wore this in shade 27 Caviar Ink on the waterline.  About an hour into being outside in the sun, this had already vanished from the waterline, with some patchiness that just looked bad.  The other disappointment was my beloved Tarte Amazonian 12 hour wear blush in Tipsy.  This lovely orange color simply melted off of my cheeks within the first hour of being outside. 

I had brought with me some spray sunscreen by Neutrogena, a water atomizer, and tons of bottled water.

I haven't photographed my last little haul yet, so please be patient.  I promise to have that up by tomorrow.

A career change is not always the easiest thing to go through.  I am finding this out now.  I am also finding out that people may be very passionate about how they feel about something or someone, but given the right circumstances, will change, and adopt what they had just thrown away. 

Night everyone...until tomorrow.

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