Saturday, May 21, 2011

Small haul 5/20/2011

Another small haul for the week. I purchased this set as part of HSN's "Today's Special" that they had advertised.

Inside of this kit, there was a full size Bad Gal Lash, a deluxe mini of High Beam, a full size Instant Brow Pencil in Medium, and a not yet released to the public Cha Cha Tint.

This tint is beyond gorgeous. They call it a Mango colored tint, and depending on your skin tone, may or may not hold up to that description.
Cha Cha tint is very much like Posie Tint in that it is quite milky and thicker than Benetint. It is super easy to blend, but like Benetint, has a small window of blend time. On cheeks, it gives a coral-peachy-orange glow. I mean your cheeks actually look juicy. That is the best word to describe this! On lips, after two coats for me, I find that the tint actually leans a bit orange red, which is swoon worthy. It has been cloudy here, and my apartment does not get decent light, but I will try swatch this soon. I do not think any of the other swatches I have seen do it justice, but if you must see this, go to to purchase, or for swatches. Thanks again!

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