Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LORAC multidimensional shadow in 3D-licious / Swatch (UD Lounge DUPE)

The purpose of this particular post was to let you know about LORAC's eyeshadow in 3D-Licious, one of a few that came out for their Multidimensional shadow range.  From what I remember, this was a kit that had 3 shadows and a lovely clutch, a palette, and there may have been another kit in there.  This came out a while ago, and I was lucky enough to purchase my shadows from Ulta.

LORAC 3D-licious eyeshadow
This little pot is 1.7g of awesome duo-chrome.  The duo-chrome flash is green, brown and red.  The formulation of this shadow is to die for.  I have always been a fan of LORAC shadows as they tend to be very soft, very buttery and a dream to blend.  The quality extends to all of the shadow formulations...from the matte, to the shimmery, to the satin.  

shadow description

open shadow pan (brown.green.red flash)

open shadow pan (direct sunlight)
This shadow is a combination of a few colors on me.  Keep in mind that I only use a few bases with it.  For true to pan color, I use either LORAC's Behind the Scenes primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  For colored  bases, I use a NYX JEP in a dark color, or MUFE's Flash color Palette in a dark color as well.  My favorites have been dark brown, dark green or black.  This is a shadow I tend to use all over the eye, as once blended, it looks different from certain angles.  

I like to put on my base, pack the shadow onto my lid, and blend the color up into and above my crease.  The lid itself retains all of the duo-chrome gorgeousness, while on me, the shadow falls into a reddish brown gradient in the crease.  

Swatch: LORAC 3D-licious (natural, direct sunlight)
If you are saying to yourself "Have I not seen this color before on this girl's blog, and was it not Urban Decay's Lounge?"  Then yes, you are correct.  I find this to be an exact dupe of UD's Lounge eyeshadow.  To view an eye look with it, please go HERE.  

Here is a side by side of the shadows...

LORAC's 3D-licious vs. UD Lounge shadow

Lounge has a bit more of a reddish undertone on  me than 3D-licious...but boy aren't they pretty?  I am in the process of getting 3 other very close dupes of this color.  Stay tuned :)

What are everyone's favorite duo-chromes?


  1. That looks absolutely beautiful! :) Great swatches!

    1. Thanks LJ! Coming from you I find that to be a HUGE compliment. We had a pretty dreary spring here in Michigan...and with the horrible lighting I have in my apt, it never yielded to nice swatches. The recent sun helped in that for sure! :D