Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hypershadow in Victorian Punk (100th post)

Welcome to my 100th blog post!!!

I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog.  I go day in, day out, thinking that no one notices my little corner of the internet.  It has taken quite a bit of time to get here.  Some days it was easier than others to produce a post, others I was churning them out like butter!  I may not be the wittiest, prettiest, richest or have the best photos in the world, but this is my passion...always has been, always will be.  My dream is to continue to do this for as long as I can.  Thank you once again.

Now, on the the pretties!!!

I present to you Tarina Tarantino's Eye Dream Hypershadow in Victorian Punk! 

TT hypershadow - packaging
Can we just pause for a second and say "holy ****, what cute packaging!" for a second?  Shown here is Tarina Tarantino's Eye Dream Hypershadow in Victorian Punk.  I had purchased this shadow at Sephora when they were still carrying this particular line of shadows.  Yes, unfortunately this is discontinued, but still deserves its just due.  The shadow itself is 2.5g, a decent little shadow that comes in a plastic, click, clam shell compact.  The plastic itself is very much like the shadow, shimmery awesomeness.  The compact is mirrored and closes tightly.

TT Victorian Punk - open shot - direct sunlight
Yes.  I know, I am drooling too.  Just looking inside gets me to want to do loop-de-loops.  The formulation of these shadows is to die for.  They are soft, easily blendable, but because of the level of shimmer, have a minute amount of fallout.  This is a mid-range purple heavy with gold, microfine shimmer.  Alone or over bases, this looks amazing, and plays well.  I have yet to use this dry (what is my problem? :p)

TT Victorian Punk swatch - direct sunlight
My favorite aspect of this lovely shadow is that it layers very well.  Now, I like to layer this A LOT!    Using this shadow for a wash does not work for me, but your mileage may vary.  Though the amount of shimmer may look intimidating, its micro-fine texture makes this one very wearable shadow.  I have worn this in looks to work even!  For dupes, I have seen that some say Revlon's Violet Starlet is close.  But from what I have seen, Victorian Punk is much more deep and rich in color.

This shadow caused me to look deeper into Tarina Tarantino's line which is actually very nice.  I have since purchased a few items that you can still find now.  I am looking forward to blogging about those in the future!

If anyone knows of any dupes for this shadow, please let me know :)

Once again, thank you for helping get to 100 posts and here is to the next 100!  Cheers!

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