Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Swatch/Review - Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadow

Here we are with one of the most unique shadows I have in my collection.  Urban Decay's Lounge eyeshadow is a reddish brown with a green, pearl-like sheen.

UD Lounge e/s
This shadow comes in the token packaging that most all but the deluxe shadows have.  The pot contains 0.05g worth of product and it retails for $17.00 USD.  You can find this at Sephora, Ulta, etc.  I have had my shadow for over 2 years and find that I still have not made a dent in it.  

Swatch of UD Lounge eye shadow
UD's Lounge is an extremely pigmented, soft duo chrome eye shadow that lends either a reddish brown effect, or can come off a sheeny grey brown.  This is all dependent on what color base you use, as well as how much of the actual product you use.  I tend to use darker bases for this.  I find that black, dark green, and blue bases give this shadow a slightly different color variation.  For the lid, I tend to layer the shadow heavily which will cast a medium green sheen pearl that really catches the light.  Do make note that because of the reddish tone of this shadow, it can come off as that once blended.  When I use this for a one shadow look, I blend this up into the crease and find that it shows red/brown.  Altogether, it makes for a gorgeous eye!

UD Lounge e/s over black cream base
UD Lounge e/s in natural lighting
What other duo chrome shadows do you like?