Thursday, May 10, 2012

My naked palette (version Diana.0)

Urban Decay's Naked palette.

 Something I did not pick up and did not care to pick up.  

And then the photos started to show up...beautiful looks that were all neutral and gorgeous and...alright, enough of that!

I took a look in my stash and saw that I had what I like to call my naked palette! Colors that were similar to the Naked palette in palettes I already owned...

Cargo's Essentials palette

Cargo's Essential Palette - contains 4 smooth and blendable shadows, with matte and satin textures.  Awesome basic colors that are very soft and creamy.  This is definitely a daily go to palette! :)

Sugar's Day Job Round the Clock palette

Sugar's Round the Clock palette in Day Job.  8 shades ranging from satin, to matte to shimmer.  When I want to wear a more creative eye, but still stay within a neutral color palette, this is where I go.  The texture of these shadows in nice, actually.  The spectrum of colors runs nicely and have had no trouble in getting this to go with everything!  Unfortunately this palette has been discontinued.

Though it may not be THE naked palette, it did let me get more use out of palettes that I had stashed away to the wayside (bad MUAer I know).  I would hope that this would get you gals and guys going on shopping your stash and seeing what hidden gems you uncover.


  1. Great Post!
    I have the Naked Pallete I like it and I must say you good some great finds.

  2. It's funny when you look at some of the palettes you don't usually use and notice that you have the exact same colors. haha! The essentials palette looks like a great everyday palette or a good one to take on the go!