Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir gloss in 065 Caramel Infused

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog. I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being paid for my review*

I am a red lip girl.  I am obsessed with everything red.  But even more so when it comes to a nude lip.  The journey to finding a perfect nude lip for me is neverending since I do not like a full on nude.  The nude I look for is creamy, juicy, skintone color with a hint of pink, peach or berry to ensure not looking like a corpse.

 Thanks to Maybelline...I have found an awesome contender for nude lip of the my life award :) ...

Maybelline Color Elixir in Caramel Infused
Caramel Infused was purchased at my local Meijer for about $6.99 USD.  This lovely gloss is one of 20 permanent shades from the Color Elixir/Color Sensational line from Maybelline.  The packaging is misleading as it looks like a lipstick bullet with a clear case.  In this twist tube, you receive 0.17 fl.oz of product.  The clear body of the tube does allow for almost true to life color of the gloss contained inside.

Maybelline Color Elixir - Caramel Infused
Maybelline states these Color Elixirs are a hybrid between a gloss, lipstick and balm.  I agree with the gloss and balm mix.  The formula of Color Elixir is so unique!  You get a nice, healthy shine and sweet dose of color like you would from a gloss, but you also get a really protected, balmy feeling.  It it wears really nice on the lips, though if you are more into gloss than lipstick or balm, you may not like the semi-thick feeling of this. This has a scent...those averse to products with scents will want to turn straight away!  Though it is not unpleasant or lingering, upon application, these smell a bit of earl grey tea and lemon.  The scent does not last much past initial application, but it may bother those who are sensitive to scents.  The triangular brush head really hugs the curves of the lips and lays product down evenly.

Maybelline Caramel Infused - direct sunlight/no flash
Maybelline Caramel Infused - direct sun / flash on
Caramel Infused is a nude with a big dusty pink influence.  There is nothing "dead" looking about this gives the lip the right touch of color.  With my Latina skin color and tone, I was looking for anything that did not read corpse girl lips.  This did it.  While the gloss does not stain my lips, once worn away, you still get a touch of moisture that is rather nice. I found no issues or dryness or flaking while and after wearing this product. Color Elixirs are not sticky and remain shiny while on the lips.  I do have to reapply throughout the day as this is not long lasting.

This is a definitive repurchase for me.  Color, formula, has it all.

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog. I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being paid for my review*


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    1. Betzy, for such a nude phobic person such as myself, this is so perfect!

  2. This shade looks beautiful! And it looks like a dupe for one of my favorite discontinued lipsticks from Maybelline! :)