Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chella Hello Beautiful Eyes liner in Indigo Bleu - swatch

Chella Hello Beautiful Eyes liquid liner
 A good liquid liner is hard to come buy.  Some come with a great brush head, but not so great formula, and vice versa.  From high end to drugstore, I have tried a ton of options, with brush heads being my favorite delivery for liquid liner.  I do not come to expect much out of "marker" type liquid liners, but I am crushing on this quite hard....Chella Hello Beautiful Eyes liquid liner in Indigo Bleu...

I received this liner in one of my Ipsy bags a couple of months ago.  Hello Beautiful eye liners can be found on the Chella site for $24.00 USD.  Contained inside the pen is 1ml/0.034fl.oz of product.  The range is only two colors deep, black and this indigo bleu.  The liner is a plastic barreled pen with a felt tip.

Chella Indigo Bleu liner
Chella applicator close-up
If you head to right now, you will see what Chella claims this liner's advantages.  From color, to intensity, to wear, this boasts some pretty high claims.  As far as formula, the liquid in this is the perfect consistency.  The tip itself never feels too wet or like it will leak, and is sturdy yet flexible enough to not tug at the eye skin.  I like how long it is...which I like in creating both thin and thick lines with a lot of control.

Chella Indigo Bleu - direct sunlight
How delicious is that blue????  As previously stated, the formula is of a consistency that allows for good flow through the pen to the skin and gives good coverage with one stroke.  Indigo Bleu is very vibrant, but I did find that with an extra layer or two, it deepened a bit, which still makes for a lovely color.  While I wore this for an 8 hour day, it smudged and became less vibrant.  Around the 4 hour mark is when I noticed the product wearing down.   With and without primer, Indigo Blue did stain my lids a bit but nothing an oil based makeup remover couldn't take care of.

Fabulous color and awesome delivery make this a very enticing buy...staying power and staining of the skin leave me wishing it was more.  Was glad I got to try it out!

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