Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Makeup For Ever Smoky Lash WP - Review

Hello there...I should say you waited long enough for this.  MUFE Smoky Lash mascara, the one and only!

I feel almost bad writing this as I cannot think of anything wrong with this mascara.  But at the end of the day, I have to be as impartial as possible.  This mascara comes packaged the same way the regular formula does, aside from a blue band at the neck that indicates it is waterproof.  As for the wand/brush of Smoky Lash, it does not stray from the original either...

What I will say about any differences is that the formula is a bit tackier and thicker than regular Smoky Lash.    The brush works in exactly the same way, which is huge reason why I love this mascara.   The brush helps to thicken, lengthen, separate and I ADORE the way it holds curl, both wp and non-wp formulas.

When you brush the formula is brushed through the lashes, it feels the same way.  Once the mascara starts to dry down, then you start to feel the difference.  The WP version tends to feel thicker as the formula dries.  When you run it through lashes a few times, you can feel it get tackier and tackier.  It makes it a bit more of a task when brushing it in, though the results are worth it.

I love the definition, the wear, the hold, the color.  Oh my god, this is the blackest mascara I have ever tried!   And for those wondering, this formula is super waterproof!!!  I tested this out at the gym and I am no stranger to a huge sweat when I work out.  This works almost too good.  It is pretty tough to get off in one go.  That is probably the only thing wrong with this mascara.  All in all, it is worth the price point for sure.  You can find this at Sephora for $22.00 USD.

What mascaras are you guys into right now?


  1. I am not a big fan of water-proof mascaras but your lashes look amazing! I wonder if that mascara is available in the UK? Will have to find out!!


  2. @Tamara, you may want to do a CP for this. As far as I know, I think this is still unavailable in the UK. I have heard that certain MUFE items are available, it may just be a question of time. :)