Monday, July 11, 2011

LORAC Snake Charmer Palette

Snake Charmer  - with flash
The Snake Charmer is the next in the LORAC palette series.  This has the same physical attributes that the others have.  I purchased this one at the same time I purchased the others off of the lorac website, found here  Again, this was purchased for $10.99 USD!  Gotta love Lorac's sale section.

Palette without flash

This palette contains very warm / neutral colors and a gorgeous peach blush.  All of the shadows are soooo buttery!  They are some of the smoothest shadows I have ever used.  Even the glittery darker shadow is like butter.  The top left corner is a soft, true, shimmery champagne.  The top right corner is an extremely neutral taupe color.  Taupe lovers will appreciate this one.  Bottom left corner is a brown with slightly bronzey overtones.  Lastly, the bottom right hand corner is a very deep brown with a bit of black mixed in, and gold glitters.  The glitters do not all stay, but you do get some that attach and look very pretty.  The blush, peach with a slight pink sheen running throughout.  There are no glitters in the blush, and the finish of it is very gentle on the skin.  

swatches with flash on base

swatches with no flash on base

The only thing I do not like about this palette is that there are no matte shades and I am fond of using both textures to create eye looks.  I find it to work well with any of my brights.  I cannot stress enough how soft these shadows are...a bit of fallout occurs, but the softness adds to the easy blendibility that these shadows have.  For the bargain price I paid for this, it really was a steal.  If you are fan of neutrals, or just want to try LORAC shadows...try to get your paws on this!

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