Monday, July 18, 2011

LORAC Showstopper Palette

LORAC Showstopper w/flash
Hello again!  Here is the last palette in this three part series!  This is probably the most elegant of the palettes.  Same basic information as the others...purchased at, same price, same packaging, same formulation, etc.

No flash
The top left hand corner is a light baby peach shimmer.  The top right hand corner is a light peach sheen, almost looks wet.  The bottom left hand corner is a slightly rusted brown, and the bottom right corner is dark gunmetal grey with silver shimmers.  The blush is peach toned with gold glimmer/sheen running throughout.

With Flash over Paula Dorf eye primer

No flash over eye primer
At the price point that I got all of these palettes at, it was a no brainer.  They contain some of the softest shadows I have ever owned, and I like that the palettes are themed.  The colors they contain do work well with one another, and aid in creating simple to fantastic looks.  I suggest you check out LORAC cosmetics!

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