Friday, July 15, 2011

LORAC Pink Python Palette

Lorac Pink Python palette
Tis the season for brights, huh?  This lovely little palette is Lorac's Pink Python Palette.  You can find this at right now under the sale section @ a whopping $10.99USD!!!!!

This palette consists of 4 buttery soft eye shadows and a cheek color.  The compact is covered in a pink python patterned soft plastic, and the compact itself is a sturdy foam with magnetic seals.  It also comes equipped with a mirror, which is nice. 

With flash
This is definitely the brightest of the three palettes.  These shadows are also very soft and buttery.  There are literally no bad shadows here, as far as texture.  Top left hand corner is a golden light yellow, very shimmery.  Top right hand corner is a creamy nude with a slight sheen to it, very muted and extremely gorgeous.  Bottom left hand corner is a bronze that has a bit of orange in it, and also a sheen.  The bottom right hand corner is teal that looks more green in the pan, but wears a bit more blue in real life. 

The blush is the only thing in this palette I do not like.  It is a cool baby pink that actually wears wonderfully on lighter skin tones.  I love that there are not any glitters or shimmers that are way too over the top. 

Once again, if you can find these, try and get one.  I am hoping to have some looks done with the individual palettes and post them up here. 



  1. Oh okay got it lol
    This is a nice color pallette <3