Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bath and Body Works haul - 5/3/2011

So, I was home in Indiana this weekend for 4th of July festivities.  This meant, once again, that I would make my way down to the outlets in Michigan City.  As I am on a low-buy, my awesome BF was kind enough to help me make some purchases. 

I stopped at Bath and Body Works as they were having  a great sale on the Summer Vanilla's collection, as well as hand soaps (their hand soap is my ultimate fav!)

From the Summer Vanilla collection, I picked up a Lemon Vanilla body butter, body wash, and body spray!  This smells like a lemon filled bakery.  Almost like an iced loft house cookie :).  I also purchased one Kitchen Lemon Anti-Bac hand soap, and two watermelon scented summer edition soaps.

BB&W Haul :)

I love this store, but also hate the way I fall in love with scents that are either limited edition, or never make it back for another appearance!  This, along with a body spray and body wash for my boyfriend was purchased for about $20.00 USD at the outlets.  Can't beat that!

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