Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Haul 11/11/2011 (Estee Lauder)

Hey there, could not wait to get at least one of these up.

For a quick cheer me up, my boyfriend took me to the mall to look at the new Pure Color Cyber shadows by Estee Lauder.  These are the ones that are the tri-brid formula...gel/powder/liquid.  These are included in the limited edition collection done by Tom Pecheux.  These shadows are very much like the Pure Color Illuminating powder in Modern Mercury...that lovely highlighter that I could not get my hands on.

Well, I got one of the shadows in the shade Cyber Silver...

Pure Color in Cyber Silver
The lovely SA who was helping me threw in some extras as well...

Extras: Advance Night repair eye cream (which is DIVINE)
Double Wear Concealer in Medium 3 (total HG status)

What have you ladies hauled lately?


  1. The design on this eye shadow looks really cool. lol

  2. Nice haul! That color looks so pretty! and I've been wanting to try that concealer! It's on my wishlist :)

  3. @PolaBerry...its a great concealer. The consistency/texture may get at you the first few times you use it. Its def LOOOONG wearing!

  4. @Dani - Ha, yeah, I didnt really care for it. :)

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