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Targeted skincare with Holika Holika 3D Medi Masks (Skin18)

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Skin18 for the purpose of testing/reviewing. I am not being financially compensated for this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

It is always an exciting day when a new sheetmask makes its way into my hands.  I had heard of Holika Holika before but had yet to try any of their products. was kind enough to send me some of their masks to see what all the buzz was about.  So let's target some areas...shall we?


Holika Holika 3D Medi masks - 5 types (lifting, whitening, aqua, pore, soothing)
retails for: $4.40 USD on
1 sheet mask per envelope

Let us now discuss particulars on these fellas...

Aqua was first.  3D Medi Aqua was here to deliver intense moisture into the skin with the help of glacier water, hyaluronic acid and Betaine.  Its particular skin conditioning checks were moisturizing, smooth skin, healthy skin and skin balance.  I did find this to power punch me in the face with moisture!  This, along with the other two masks Ill mention, was juicy as all get out!  After wearing this one for about 20 minutes, skin was plump, glossy and super soft.

3D Medi Lifting contained Collagen, Protein Complex and Adenosine to help intensely lift the skin.  Its particular checks were anti-wrinkle, nutrition supply, lifting, skin power.  Now, I was not expecting this mask to lift or add too much in the way of anti-wrinkle.  I imagine a series of these used for weeks would garner a more dramatic result.  But after the recommend wear time, skin was bright, soft, and bouncy.

3D Medi Whitening I was super excited about.  With Vitamin C, Vitamin E derivative and Vitamin B6, its skin conditioning checks promised brightening skin tone, whitening, skin purification and vitality.  After my 20 or so minutes, skin was indeed bright, soft and super hydrated.  Again, a mask that I would think would need a couple of weekly applications to garner more discernible results.


Here is where I have the biggest problem...this mask was not made for someone for my face shape.  It had a lot of cuts around the mask, which did help me try to budge it into the best place possible, but the 3D aspect of this just did not work out for me.  The forehead area had gaps along the seam which dried out faster than other areas of the mask.  Same goes for chin and nose.  The eye holes were super close together so mask kept getting into my eyes.  The chin flaps were an amazing bonus.  That sucker held on nice and tight for about 80% of the duration of the mask.  Once it started to dry from the gaps, the flaps did loosen a bit.


Cannot say enough about how much moisture these put onto my skin.  Skin was soft and pliable after these treatments.  But they did leave skin with a pretty sticky residue that I tried to have work with my other skincare.  Unfortunately that did not work.  So for the last mask I just rinsed off the residue and continued with my routine.

I enjoyed most of the attributes of these masks.  Would love to see them come out with another face shape and give it another go!  If you are looking to try out the 3D trend...why not start here?

To check out these Holika Holika masks...check them out at HERE.

Always remember guys and gals...with skincare, your mileage may vary!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Skin18 for the purpose of testing/reviewing. I am not being financially compensated for this review. All words and opinions are my own.*

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