Saturday, April 22, 2017

Facial cleansing on the go? Try it with Leaders LABOTICA Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissues/Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Removers!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Leaders in exchange for an honest review.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  All words are 100% my own.*

This past semester, my life has gotten increasingly crazy. Now in the final weeks of school, the stress of clinical rotations, homework and final exams, the neglect to properly clean my skin has it showing it.  Bad.  Leaders, who you know churns out some amazing sheet masks, has come out with cleansing wipes that are a godsend for those on the go, or those that might just be a bit lazy at night! ;)

Leaders LABOTICA line of cleansing tissues.  The packaging colors are amaze!

Here are the logistics:
LABOTICA Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissues.  Pack of 50.  Flip top lid and inner seal to keep them fresh.  $8.50 USD.
LABOTICA Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Remover Cleansing Tissues.  Pack of 30.  $6.00 USD.
There is also a Bamboo Water cleansing tissue available.  All can be found at Leaders website or you can also purchase these at Ulta!

Here's my face...wearing tons of makeup to mask the eye designer bags...

Lets concentrate on the Argan Oil Deep cleansing tissues.  From Leaders "formulated with argan oil these deep cleansing tissues remove makeup and dead cells while cleansing and nourishing the skin." They also claim to provide hydration and make removal easy and gentle for the skin.  The tissue themselves are wet but not saturated which I appreciate.  Nothing worse than being all drippy, amiright?  The wipe is also textured which helps grab makeup and dead skin.  Gentle and fast is how I would categorize this tissue.  I did not have to rub hard to get old makeup off.  It is scented and I cannot put my finger on what exactly this smells like, a very clean skincare scent.  Left skin cooled and moisturized.  Per instructions you should rinse after you cleanse.  Eye and lip makeup left for the next product.

The real surprise here and total hero are the Green Tea Lip&Eye Point Remover tissues.  These are flipping fantastic.  Leaders claims that they "wipe away stubborn makeup in the most sensitive areas of the face.  They are gentle yet powerful formula removes makeup without the need for excessive wiping."  Hello...this is exactly what a thirty something lady such as myself needs.  No tugging means I'm treating my fragile eye area well.  These are quite small and before you start on its size, just know that these things are FIERCE!  I used one pad in this picture.  One side twice for both eyes, and the other side for lips.  The lips were covered in a long wearing, matte lipstick which usually stains.  Aside from leaving behind an oily residue, these demolished my makeup.  These little tiny circles of awesomeness killed my makeup.  I do like how the film left behind moisturizes my eye area.

A little shiny an oily, but those tiny wipes kill makeup!! Pre rinse.
Well, let's just get this out of the way...I LOVE THESE!  You do have to rinse after using both wipes, and I would strongly recommend that with the point remover tissues as they do leave that film behind.  So maybe if you are a bit more tired than usual, rinsing after may sound like a drag.  I have used these and forgot to rinse after (I swear I usually follow directions....sometimes...okay, sue me :)
A quick rinse later and skin is clean and fresh and not tight!  It is also rather soft, I was not expecting that of a wipe that was gentle to begin with.  I've already purchased backups because that is what normal people do, right?

Remember that you can purchase these at HERE, and HERE for the Leaders site.
Also can be purchased at Ulta HERE.

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Thanks for reading!

*DISCLAIMER - Item(s) sent by Leaders in exchange for an honest review.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  All words are 100% my own.*

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