Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter is coming...Let Julep help winterize your nails!- tutorial

Fall is here, and in some places of the country, it looks like winter is well underway.  Cold, harsh wind, dry indoor heat, constant hand washing all take tolls on our hands and nails, and with the holidays coming up, you want to make sure that your hands look amazing.  With a little help from Julep, you can now replace winter weary hands with beautiful skin and nails!

All steps are truly vital and help ensure that your nails will not only look healthy, but become healthy!  Julep offers a variety of products to help you along the way...from their Nail Therapy Serum and Oxygen Nail Treatment, to their Glycolic Hand Scrub to Go and Rock Star Hand Cream.  These tool will leave you with lovely hands and nails all year long!

And now that you have your nails and hands looking amazing...why not polish them with one of the nicest polish formulas around...

From creams to glitters, sheer to opaque, Julep has you covered with any and every texture and color to suit your needs.  Keep a lookout as they contiuously release collections that are perfect for all seasons.  Also, remember that you can receive your nail colors, as well as nail tools, through their subscription service.  Beat winter down with the best hands around!  To check out more of their awesome polish range, check .HERE.

To learn more about their polishes, nail tools and subscription service, go HERE

*images provided by Julep*

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