Monday, November 24, 2014

KISS InstaWave hair curler - easy, fast, long lasting curls

*DISCLAIMER: Item sent by company for purposes of review.  I am not being monetarily compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.* *POWERED BY BRANDBACKER*

I have no talent for hair.  There, I've said it.  When it comes to hair styling, my skills are minimal, so I am always on the lookout for a new hair tool to help me along the way.  Little did I know that one of my favorite brands, who I only knew to product lovely false lashes and nail products, also made one awesome hair tool.  Here today we have the KISS InstaWave...

KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler
The KISS InstaWave is a revolutionary, fully automatic curler that creates tangle free, long lasting curls in the quickest way!  InstaWave can be purchased at Ulta, Target and  This professional grade tool retails for $59.99 USD.

The InstaWave has some amazing features...

1 inch ceramic ionic barrel
Curl dial - catches hair/creates curls for you
2 heat settings - maximum temperature of 420 degrees F
Auto Shut Off after 90 minutes for added safety
Right / Left directional button for creating a natural look
Swivel cord allows for comfortable movement of wand

KISS InstaWave
Kiss InstaWave Curl Dial
One of the most unique features of InstaWave is the Curl Dial with left and right directional movement.  This multi-pronged dial grabs the hair, allowing for hands free curling, and also holds the curl in place.  Since the InstaWave does not have a clip, there is no unflattering ridges left in the hair after styling!  With the curling dial holding everything in place, this is safe to use for everyone. The InstaWave has 2 heat settings (high/low) with a maximum temperature of 420 degrees Farenheit so you can safely style hair without any worry for hair damage.  Once hair is set in place, you can rotate the barrel left or right, which makes it easy to use from any hand, any angle.  There is also an auto shut off feature that turns the tool off after 90 minutes.  The InstaWave also comes equipped with a swivel cord which I found did not tangle and allowed for range of motion for both the curler and my hands.

BEFORE: Natural texture of my hair, no product
Above we have a picture of my hair and its natural texture.  A slight wave, with hair that was air dried with no additional product.  Here is how we can turn this hair from simple to GLAM in a few easy steps...

Step 1 using Kiss InstaWave
Place a section of hair on the InstaWave curling barrel, holding it vertically

Step 2 using KISS InstaWave
Touch the curl dial in either right or left directional, and the InstaWave automatically grips hair and curls it onto the barrel, holding it in place

Step 3 using KISS InstaWave
Hold for 5-10 seconds.  You can hold longer for tighter curls, less for more beach like waves.  Pull the InstaWave down vertically.

AFTER - KISS InstaWave
In the picture above, on the right side, I did a tighter curl, and on the left, a softer wave.  All of this was achieved by leaving the hair on the barrel for longer or shorter periods of time.  You may use left and right directionals on the dial to achieve natural looking curls.

KISS InstaWave results
You can really produce some glam results with the InstaWave.  The ease of automatic curling, plus the short amount of time you need on the barrel does equal professional results that anyone can achieve!

Get your hair party perfect for the holidays with the InstaWave.  An amazing value, professional results, in the comfort of your home, with any skill level!

To learn more about KISS InstaWave, go HERE.

*DISCLAIMER: Item sent by company for purposes of review.  I am not being monetarily compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.* *POWERED BY BRANDBACKER*


  1. GIRL. Your hair looks that shiny and godess-like without blow drying or anything?! I'm SO jealous!! You have such a pretty mane!! The InstaWave does an awesome job too! Love the before and after! :)

    1. Thank you, young lady! I use a simple argan oil leave in, and usually air dry. Yes, this was really fun to use and cannot wait to do a few more hair posts featuring this!