Thursday, September 18, 2014

it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector in Medium - swatch

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog.  I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being compensated for my review*

it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye corrector concentrate cream
Under eye circles/darkness are something that has become more of a problem now that I am in my thirties.  Gone are the days of being able to stay up late, in front of a computer studying, etc, without having to cover and spackle my under eye area.  I have never had too much of an issue in the eye area.  Thankfully my parents never had issues there even in adulthood.  But late nights, studying, and stress have caused me to experience a slight darkness that is just horrid!

To help combat this darkness, I purchased it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector Concentrate in Medium.  I found it at my local Ulta for $29.00 USD.  Inside of the plastic, screw top pot, is 5ml/0.17fl.oz of creamy product.  Medium is one of three shades available for the corrector creams.

"Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector is your 8 hours of sleep in a jar! This creamy, highly pigmented yet lightweight peach based concealer is designed to effectively neutralize, and erase the look of eye darkness, dark circles and even age spots." -

itCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Instantly, upon first application, I noticed how incredibly creamy this is.  When I swirl my finger in the pot, it is pretty sturdy feeling, but when on the skin, it just melts.  The peach tone to this corrector allows for it to cancel out any bluish or purplish tones, which helps in erasing darkness.  The cream is lightweight and allows for easy blending in the delicate eye area.  When I first felt this upon my skin, I thought this would never cover anything.  Its creamy, feels like a veil on the skin.  But this gentle corrector packs a punch with pigment.  Easy blendability along with its pigmentation allow for fast and effective coverage of your darkness/circles!

itCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye - flash/indirect sunlight
For under eye coverage, I am a fan of both using a concealer lighter than my skintone as I feel it brightens.  But I also love to use one that is exactly my tone for days where I want to quickly make up my face and get out.  This product helps achieve that.

itCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye - direct sun/no flash
Bye Bye Under Eye plays well with other products.  In terms of blending, this melded with my foundations and other long wear concealers fantastically.  No changes in color or formula.  Now, unless it is a heavy duty, super long wearing concealer, I always set my concealer.  With Bye Bye Under Eye, I notice that if I I do not sheer it out enough on my skin, it can crease a bit.  Now, that is only when not blended well.  And this can be layered too.  When I have a bit more time for my makeup, I layer thinly and powder to set.  In this case, I never have creasing or moving of the product.  Though this has a creamy texture, in my experience this lasts an average of 6 hours on my combo/oily skin without touchups.

It helps me look alive, keeps my under eye area looking fresh and covers everything I need it to.

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog.  I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being compensated for my review*


  1. Great review! This product is different from the Bye Bye Undereye in a tube that I tried last month at Ulta. I'm going to go back and try out both of them and see which suits me best. I want to use it under my eyes and also to cover dark spots that always seem to show through my full coverage foundation or CC cream. Hopefully, one of them will do the trick!

    1. Awesome! I hope you find that it works for you! Especially since it is such a great product. Good luck!

  2. Ive heard such great things about this product! I have yet to try anything from it Cosmetics.

  3. I went to Ulta today, and I tried out all 3 versions of Bye Bye Undereye, and this one that you reviewed was the best! Loved it. Thanks again for your review. I would've bought the wrong one ;)