Thursday, July 25, 2013

Urban Decay Moondust eye shadow in Moonspoon (swatch)

UD Moondust shadow in Moonspoon
Let me start this off by saying that this is one magical shadow...holy sparkle, batman!  This is part of Urban Decay's Moondust shadow collection.  The color I have for you today is Moonspoon!

Ingredients /package
Package front - partial sun / indoor
I purchased this shadow at Ulta for $20 USD, but can also be found at places like sephora, sephora online,  All new Urban Decay shadows come in the new style packaging, still the token motif, but the packaging features a pop out pan than can be put into palettes Urban Decay has specifically made.  What I like about the newer packaging?  Feels much sturdier than the older token style compacts.

Package backing / partial sun / indoor
In this lovely pot of awesomeness, you get 1.5g / 0.05oz of product.  Product information reads better in person as the paper used in the packaging is really was trying when I was photographing this..

UD Moonspoon shadow - partial sun / indoor
Yes, this looks lovely from here, but it does not compare to when you see it in person.  The level of microfine glitter this has is the best way!  At first glance in the photo, you can see a base that is described as a medium grey.  When I swatch this, I definitely find this be more taupish, as it hits with a hint of brown that is actually really pretty.  There is more to the sparkle than silver.  In the pan or on the skin, you get reflects of silver, pink, purple, beige and green glitters.

UD Moonspoon shadow - partial sunlight / indoor / no primer
Can we just drool about that sparkle for a second?  These glitters are very, very fine in this.  Like all glittery shadows, I did find some to travel, but the amount is so minute compared to the amount that actually sticks to the base.  This is something I applaud Urban Decay for doing...making a base that is not sticky or bothersome to the eye, in which glitter sticks to.  Depending on how you apply it, there will be some fallout, but I was very surprised by the amount.  It does really well at sticking in that base.

UD Moonspoon shadow - indoor / no flash / no primer
Taken in indirect lighting, you can really see how saturated that sparkle is, and also see some of that hint of brown I was talking about.  There is a wet looking element to this shadow.  In darker lighting, it has a very editorial, grease makeup look to it that is supremely sexy.

Comfort is another thing that comes to mind when wearing this shadow.  It wears nicely and is soft.  I never felt like I had glitter on my lids which is a huge bonus!

You may not be a disco queen, but you really do need this.

*product was purchased by the passenger element blog*


  1. Replies
    1. Kind of a pain to use since the microglitter does travel a bit, but such a lovey result!

  2. That's very, very pretty! I love how intense and sparkly it is. DEFINITELY Moon Dust. The name is very appropriate!

    1. I know!!! And all of the shadows are this sparkly and amazing!