Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Faced Exotic Color Intense eye shadow - Petals to the Metal (swatch)

Who is ready for some duochrome goodness?

Too Faced Exotic Color shadow
Here we have Too Faced Exotic Color Intense eye shadow in Petals to the Metal.  This is one of 12 of the Exotic Color range of super saturated, super soft shadows.  I purchased this at Ulta for $18.00 USD.  The lovely Petals to the Metal comes in a plastic, clamshell case that closes shut tightly.  Inside, there is 1.7g/0.06oz of duochromey awesomeness!

Too Faced Petals to the Metal Ingredients
Too Faced Petals to the Metal packaging
Petals to the Metal is a very vibrant, heavily pigmented duochrome eye shadow that is a metallic brown blue. There is also a nice green shift to this shadow, lending it an almost mermaid like color.  I do also notice that sprinkled throughout this shadow are multi glitters.

Too Faced Petals to the Metal
In this picture, the base looks brown, but what looks like an overlay may look taupish.  This was taken in natural light, no flash.

Too Faced Petals to the Metal - sunlight/no flash
In this photo, you can see slightly larger glitters that are sprinkled throughout the shadow.  For me, this was a huge negative as the glitters did not stick with the shadow.  The first few times I used this shadow as soon as I blended, there were glitters all over my cheeks.  It was only then that I could see that they are pretty sizable glitters.

Too Faced Petals to the Metal swatch - no flash/sunlight
From the swatch here, you can see the blue green shift atop of that brown base.  Now, I have other shadows similar to this and Petals to the Metal has the most brown base of those.  The more you pack on, the more the blue-green shift appears.

Too Faced Petals to the Metal swatch - no flash/sunlight
Now here you get a lovely view of the brown base which does have hints of a rusty red in it.  When I blend this on the eye, you get more of that rust color to pop.

Pros: densely pigmented, vivid, long lasting shift
Cons: large glitters that fall out

You can purchase this shadow at, ulta stores and online, sephora stores and online.

DISCLOSURE: Item(s) shown was purchased by thepassengerelement blog.


  1. Nice eyeshadow, sad that it has fallout issues. But I like Too Faced as a brand!

    1. Me too...the shadow is just lovely...wish the glitter would either stick to it or that they would have left it out

  2. Replies
    1. It is, but it makes for such a pretty eye look :)

  3. Very pretty :) Looks like a pressed version of MACs Blue Brown pigment.

    1. The closest I will come to that color before purchasing it :) Love it!