Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jordana easyshine 12 Sugar Cookie swatch

Do I have an awesome drugstore find for you today!

Jordana easyshine in 12 Sugar Cookie
Jordana 12 Sugar Cookie - outdoor, no flash, overcast
This fantastic lip balm type product was purchased for $1.99 USD at Walgreen's.  I know that you can get them online as well at HERE.  Size is net wt. 0.07 / 1.9 grams.  It is enclosed in classic twist up mechanism, all plastic.  From what I have seen there is twelve colors total in this line.  In my findings, I have only seen Jordana products at Walgreen's.

Jordana easyshines are very glossy lip balms.  If you visit their site, it is even under the lip balm label.  Sugar Cookie is an amazing neutral that works year round for me.  Upon first application, you get a ton of shine and a decent tint of color.  I cannot speak for all of the easyshines, but the ones I do own, have had decent pigment to them.

Jordana easyshine 12 Sugar Cookie - outdoor/overcast/no flash
From this swatch, on my skin it runs a bit reddish brown.  On my lips, it appears a lovely sheer caramel color.

Jordana easyshine 12 Sugar Cookie - flash/overcast/outdoor
With or without flash, this little balm is beautiful on lips like mine, with little to no pigment, and those with naturally pigmented lips!  This lip balm does not last a long time on me, especially if I am eating or drinking.  I would say with normal wear, I get about an hour to two of decent wear.  Once you lose the glossiness, there is a hint of the caramel color left, which I LOVE!  I do not know if all of the colors will leave one.

I have two of these in my collection and plan to get more!  Here's hoping they release more colors :)


  1. Super bello

    1. They really are Betzy! And they come in all colors from neutrals to brights. Cheap and lovely...cant.beat.that! :)