Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tiny Purchase 08/07/12 feat. Besame Cosmetics

Hey there!  I am here with another Tiny Purchase...this time featuring a lovely company by the name of Besame Cosmetics.

Besame - Crimson Cream Rouge/Brightening Violet Powder
Here is a swatch of the Crimson Cream Rouge for you...

Swatch - Crimson Cream Rouge - Direct Sunlight
The rouge comes in a beautiful red metal tin (net weight .26 oz/7.50 g).  The cover has some relief on it that is gold.  This huge tin is filled to the top with a delightful cream that is red with hints of deep pink on me.
I have tried it on both lips and cheeks and it lasts.  Very nice and bright, and easily blends into skin/lips.  Price is $22.00 USD.

The brightening violet powder comes in a plastic screw top package (net weight .21 oz/6g).  It is a sifter type package with a flip top lid that keeps the powder from sifting through the holes.  This powder is violet colored but does not leave a color on skin.  My powder came really chunky, almost felt wet.  I have yet to find a brush that blends it well on my skin, but when I do, I will have a review on it.  This powder has the most delightful scent...almost like a Chowards Violet candy does.  Those that do not like scented products or are allergic may not want to pick this up.  Price is $22.00 USD.

There is one very important thing I need to tell you about this company...they have FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Some of the best customer service I have worked with in a long time.  I had an issue with the above package being mailed to me.  I contacted CS about the issue, they were very thorough in their communications with me, very patient and got my lovely package sent.  I cannot wait to purchase from the company in the future.

You can visit them at HERE.

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  1. Yay! I just bought this and I was just googling reviews and yours popped up for me. This meaning the powder. :) hope you figure out a brush soon :$

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