Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream - Light/Medium (Review)

Here we are again with another review...

This time we are discussing Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in the color Light/Medium.  The bottle is  2.5 fluid ounces and comes in a plastic squeeze type form and flip top.  I have seen this usually retail at $12.99 USD.

Garnier BB Cream


Attention:  This is my first "BB cream".  I have had no experience with any other products like this.  The cream itself is slightly thick with amazing slip.  The pigmentation on this is pretty nice!  I do warn you now...this cream is HEAVILY SCENTED!  Now, mind you, I do not mind any of my products to be scented.  Whether I like it or not is another story.  It smells like most Garnier products...slightly and artificially fruity.

To apply this, I always used my hands.  It was nice to be able to "melt" the product as I was rubbing it into my skin.  As far as coverage, instantly I looked more even.  The finish as you are done getting into the skin is FANTASTIC!  I looked dewy, toned, plump!  It was promise in a bottle!  And then, an hour passed by and that is when I noticed the major need to blot.  I was heavily oily in the t-zone area, more so than usual.  And I had also turned into an oompah loompah...ORANGE!  The oxidation of the BB cream had turned me very orange where people were asking me where I had gotten sun or if I had been tanning that day.

During the winter months, this was actually nice.  Even complexion, extreme moisturization, smooth texture.  I did not find this to react to the up and down of cold and heat of the season.  My skin drank it up and it was lovely.  But that is where it ends :(.

Before BB Cream

After BB Cream

Wow, it is truly scary to put these up here.  Yeowza!  But at least you get a sense of the change I experienced.  I totally recommend this for someone who has drier skin.  For oily girls, I would suggest staying away from this as far as possible.  Setting it with powder was nice for a bit, but once it oxidized, there really was no saving it from where it had turned.  I will not be repurchasing this product and I really do wish it would have worked for me.

Hope you guys got something out of this. :)

Have any of you out there tried this yet?  What have your results been?


  1. I am so glad you posted this. I was thinking about running out and tryin it. Now I feel no need to. You definitely need to get your hands on a real BB cream. I think you would like Missha's line.

  2. @LJ - I feel as you are my BB guru...I always read your posts on them. I just need to get off of my behind and get some. Its hard to find foundations for me...and I have never been MAC matched.

  3. Awww <3 U so sweet! haha There are some sample sizes on eBay (usually)