Friday, September 16, 2011

I am back / Allegan County Fair September 2011

Hello guys and gals!  I have been gone for a while.  It has been a mix of being sick, unmotivated, sad, sick...yeah, that list can go on and on.  Right now, I should be packing for a trip back home (though unfortunately, no stop to the Michigan City CCO :( ) but I decided to change things up a bit and let you know about the fair I went to the other day.

In Allegan, Michigan, roughly half and hour or so from Kalamazoo, during a week in September, the Allegan County Fair is held.  This is my second year going.  Typical fair, you have your 4-H stuff, animals, veggies, crafts and knick knacks.  Let us not forget about the rides, food, and vendors selling everything from velvet paintings to airbrushed license plates.

Me and my boyfriend went on dollar days, which was a sweet deal!  Dollar parking, dollar per person, and regardless of ride, dollar per ride.  That worked out perfectly, as we rode the Tilt-A-Whirl!  OMG! I have not been on a ride in over 8 years!  That was an experience!

The Allegan County Fairgrounds are "protected" by this giant statue which I love... :)

The ride fairway was small and had rides that seemed like only small children could get on.  There were a few that were fitting for adults.  Going around dusk lets all the lights of the rides shine in the nighttime sky, which is a huge plus if you are going to photograph any of them...

And now onto the animals!  I grew up in an urban setting, so being up to animals this close is always a trip.  Most always, anytime we saw animals, they were in zoos.  Ha!  You have to get used to walking from room to room and get the smells to not bother you, but it was so much fun...

Maybe I am a little bit of a country girl after all... ;)

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  1. I thought I had been subbed to you this whole time :( *hangs head* Love the goats!