Thursday, August 11, 2016

Give your lashes a boost with Wet n Wild's photofocus Lash Primer

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WetnWild photofocus Lash Primer
I can imagine what you might be thinking...I'm busy I really need to prime my lashes also?? :/.  Well, no, you don't have to.  But let me show you why you might after reading this...

Wet n Wild's photofocus Lash Primer is widely available at drugstores and also big box stores such as Wal-Mart.  This was purchased at my local Walgreen's for $4.99 USD.  It is packaged as any typical mascara would be with a midsize spoolie on one end.  Contained inside are 0.27fl.oz/8ml of cream product.  According to Wet n Wild's website, this only comes in one color - 849B Committed a Prime.

This primers blend of waxes also contains vitamins A, E and D-Panthenol to give lashes an added boost of health while building lash length and volume!

The creamy primer formulation is somewhere between wet and dry.  It is akin to when I like to age a mascara and open it and let it sit to make it easier to layer/dry.  The brush coated lashes pretty well, aside from some clumps here and there.  It separated my lashes really well!  I was surprised to see that it did not cake up my lashes into sections.

Clean lashes - eye makeup was left without liner so that you could see the impact of the primer and mascara on its own without any help.

Lashes - Primer added.  Heavier white areas denote larger deposits of the primer.

This is one coat of primer and one coat of a popular drugstore mascara.

Lashes are slightly thickened and lengthened even more.  Mascara and the photofocus primer work well with each other.

I'm really happy with the results.  I used the mascara here the most with the primer, but I also used quite a few other mascaras, both drugstore and high end.  I did not find that the mascaras flaked at all and was really happy with the condition of my lashes after removal.  During removal, it felt as if I had used 2 to 3 layers of mascara, so the process took a bit longer than usual, but nothing that was too much or annoying to handle.  The primer does have a bit of a chemical scent that goes away rather quickly after application.

Repurchase - absolutely.  Definitely a great way to turn dud mascaras into something better!

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