Thursday, September 10, 2015

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Desire and Flirt (swatches)

*Items shown purchased by the Passenger Element Blog*

I went looking EVERYWHERE for these matte lip cremes.  My beautiful friend Jenni was kind enough to grab one for me on her own hunt for these.  Just a few weeks ago, I casually happened to walk into a Walgreens and there was a display that was already attacked majorly, but I was able to find another!!! SQUEEEE!  Shall I show you what I got?

Milani Matte Lip Cremes - flash
The Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes are a part of a permanent range of 8 colors.  You can find these at CVS, Walgreen's, and their website.  These matte lip cremes usually retail around $8.99 USD.  The range, though small, goes from nude to red to dark berry.  The tube is typical clear, plastic body with signature Milani gold top.  Inside each tube, you receive 0.21 oz/ 6 g of liquid product.

Milani Matte Lip Cremes - No flash / indoor lighting
Amore Milani Matte lip cremes are just that...a matte, liquidy yet creamy lip product that goes on wet and dries down to a very matte texture.  What I have noticed with these lip cremes is that not every color is the same...more on that later.

Milani Matte Lip Creme - applicator
The applicator on this is quite unique.  It has a rounded top with straight sides, where one side is more straight, and the other side is more like that of  a "scoop".  That scoop collects products which you may or may not like.  I do in that I don't have to dip into the tube again and can usually finish both lips with one go.  The rounded out edge handles the lip line beautifully.

Milani Matte Lip Cremes in Flirt (t) and Desire (b)
Here now are swatches of both of the colors I have, both with flash...

Milani Matte Lip Creme - Desire (flash) (ONE COAT)
Desire Matte Lip Creme was a dream to work with!  This is a not so basic bright red.  It is so vivid!!!!  The consistency of Desire was liquidy, but never hard to work with.  Dry down was set in under 5 minutes and then you get this matte goodness.  Nothing bad to say about this at all.  The color, tone and texture speak for themselves!

Milani Matte Lip Creme in Flirt (flash) (TWO COATS)
Flirt is the one out of the lip cremes that I was disappointed with.  This is a beautiful color and so perfect for fall!!!  Flirt is a vampy, extremely deep berry/burgundy shade.  Same liquid consistency as Desire, but this applied and wore patchy.  Patch city is what you can call this.  Layering this lip creme was tricky for me too.  Beautiful color, just....patch-mania is too high.

Both have same consistency as far as pre-application texture.  They also smell like synthetic vanilla frosting.  For being matte, these are surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear.  Almost feels like nothing once the product is dry.  The scent did not linger too long after drydown, though those with allergies to scents may want to patch test first.  Desire was so opaque and blendable!  I have layered Desire and find that it plays well with itself.  Unlike Flirt, who did not want to cover opaquely, could not layer without getting chunky or flaky.

When eating anything oil based, these will wear off.  You will get the lip liner, worn off lipstick look.  During casual wear with drinking, talking and eating non-oily foods, I can get a good 4 hours before the inside of the mouth area starts to crumble.  Also, if you rub your lips together once set, these will crumble off as well.

Do I wish they were a bit more long wearing and could withstand a salad with an oil based salad dressing? Yes.  But then again I have to remember to get my head out of the clouds and think realistically.  For the price, these are pretty damn awesome!  I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the red and berry colors!

xoxo, Diana


  1. Both shades look great on you! They were worth the hunt!

  2. loveeee flirt! kinda wish it wasn't so patchy though :(