Monday, August 31, 2015

Journey to 100 Empties!!! 1-5

*All Items In This Post Purchased by The Passenger Element*

I have to admit...seeing empties posts is enjoyable!  Once I took stock of the mass of products I had accumulated, there was even a bigger thrill in getting to the point where I was pairing down, using and enjoying the products I had.  Here is my first entry into empty land...

#1 - BIORE Self Heating One Minute Mask - I'm a huge fan of anything mask for the skin...lotions, potions and every notion under the sun.  This mask is easy to use and what I love the most about it is that you can feel the heat and feel it working.  I just wish there were more packets in the container.  You get 4 single use packets for between $6-7 dollars.  Not exactly exorbitant, but its drugstore, give us a few more.

#2 - MEIJER (store brand) Strengthening Nail Polish Remover - just your run of the mill polish remover.  Did not dry my perpetually ragged cuticles any further, so that was a plus.

#3 - E.L.F Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets - 50 blotter sheets.  One dollar.  They work.  Enough said.

#4 - BATH AND BODY WORKS Mad About You shower gel - Foamy, rinses clean, does not add much in the way of moisture, but you do feel clean!  Contains notes of Black Current, Vanilla, Peony and Strawberry.

#5 - MAC Zoom Lash mascara - A holy grail in my book. Lengthening, thickening, and black as all hell.  Gives structure to my lashes, but never hard enough to consider them "crispy".  Never experienced any flaking, smearing, smudging.  This starts as a pretty wet formula, or at least the 2 tubes I have had were, so I let them dry out a bit and they become the perfect consistency.

What are you guys currently emptying?


  1. Empties are my favorite types of posts to see. I like to know what people are actually using up and if it's good or bad hehe.

    1. Oh good!!! Yeah, they are taking over my life! lol. Plus it is so nice to see what has been used up...its like watching milestones pass :)