Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Get glowing, polished skin with Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

*DISCLAIMER - Item sent by company for purposes of testing/reviewing.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  Words and opinions are my own*

Summer is here and that means sandals, skin and being outdoors!  Now is the time to shed the winter blahs with smooth and glowing skin all over your body, from head to toe!  Adovia's Dead Sea Salt  Scrub can help get you from dry and bumpy to smooth and hydrated, ensuring glowing skin all summer long!

"Adovia's exfoliating Salt Scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells and infuses your skin with much needed Minerals from Dead Sea salt and nutrients from plant oils.  Natural oils provide a surprisingly long lasting relief from dry skin with deep moisture and hydration.  Leaves skin smooth, moisturized and freshly rejuvenated." - Adovia / goPure Naturals

Inside of this plastic tub, 300gr/11oz of liquid and grain solid product are contained.  This retails for $14.95 USD,  You can purchase this through Amazon HERE, or through Cleopatra's Choice HERE.

Once you unscrew the top, you are treated to the most intensely scented scrub ever.  The scent for the salt svrub is somewhere between spa and clean laundry.  It is pretty potent, so those that are sensitive to scents may want to test first, but it is pretty, calming and long lasting.  The salt grains themselves are somewhere between mid-grain to large-grain coarse...enough to give you a thorough exfoliation, but the crystals aren't so big that it will keep you from sloughing off.

The scrub comes separated.  You will notice an oil layer on top, and the heavier salt on the bottom.  It is easy to mix.  Once you have emulsified the two, use on hands, feet, arms, legs, anywhere you need exfoliation.  The amount of sloughing you can do is really based on how much pressure you use, the more pressure, the harder the grains will feel and the deeper of an exfoliation you will get.  When the salt washes away, you are left with an oily film that can be rubbed in and patted off.  Skin is soft, super smooth, hydrated and fragranced.

This worked most excellent on my dry feet, elbows and hands.  I know the oily film can seem a bit much, but it does soak in and any remainder, if any, can be blotted off.  I love how long lasting the scent is.  There was no need for additional lotion when I used the scrub.  Be careful as tubs/showers will be left very slick...always make sure you are careful.

To learn more about the scrub and purchase it, check out Amazon.com HERE, or Cleopatra's Choice HERE.

Happy Sloughing!

*DISCLAIMER - Item sent by company for purposes of testing/reviewing.  I am not being financially compensated for this review.  Words and opinions are my own*

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