Thursday, January 16, 2014

DERMABLEND Leg and Body Cover - swatch

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog. I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being paid for my review*

Today's swatch and review is for DERMABLEND's Leg and Body Cover...

Dermablend Leg and Body Cover

DERMABLEND Leg and Body Cover - back
I purchased this at Ulta for $28.00 USD.  This leg and body cover comes in a plastic squeeze tube with screw on cap.  You get 3.4 fl/oz of product inside this glorious tube...which let me tell you, at that price is a STEAL!  Leg and Body Cover comes in 14 colors, in ranges of fair, light, medium, tan and deep.

 DERMABLEND states this is a new, lightweight formula, offering full coverage with an spf of 15 and long lasting coverage.  And what do I say to is hard not to agree!  Let me clarify that I do not use this on my body or legs...I use this for my face :).  I am a light skinned latina who has trouble finding close color matches, I am either too dark for the light, too light for the dark, and too medium for the medium.  Foundation rant over! :)  But in a moment of desperation, needing both color and coverage, I happened upon Leg and Body Cover, and it has been a joyous union ever since.

DERMABLEND Leg and Body Cover in Suntan - no flash/outdoor
Please do not attempt to fix your screen :)...this really is dark!  I tan face usually gets the brunt of the color and my body is usually a few colors lighter.  When I had purchased this, I was very tan and this was as close as I could get to a good face to neck to chest match.  Another thing, I do realize this is body makeup.  Although the texture of this foundation is rather nice coming out of the bottle, it is another thing to rub it in to your skin.  It sets pretty fast, which is a plus on the body...I could not imagine getting into clothes while this was still tacky.  And once on the skin, it does feel thick.  I mixed this with my daily facial moisturizer, 2 parts moisturizer to 1 part leg and body cover, and I still had a full coverage, lighter feeling foundation.

When mixed, I did have to powder down this solution for shine every now and then, but it maintained well on drier areas of my face.  When I wear this foundation, I cleanse with a clarisonic as well...even when mixed with the moisturizer, it is still heavy duty!  I would not recommend this for someone looking for a fast face.  This can make you look mask-like if you are not careful...taking everything out of the face.  When wearing it, I contour, highlight, and add blush and sometimes Vaseline to the high planes of my face to restore glow.

Perfect for those looking for massive coverage...a little goes a long way so I find it to be cost effective as well.  Still an impressive foundation when mixed with moisturizer.  Why not give it a try?

*Disclaimer - Product shown was purchased by passengerelement blog.  I am in no way affiliated with this company or am being paid for my review*

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