Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quick TIp! Epielle Makeup and Cleansing Wipes @ Big Lots

Hey all!  I have a quick tip for those of us looking for a bargain!  I found these Epielle Wipes at Big Lots for $2 USD.  Only two bucks...60 wipes per package.  Now, for blogging I adore them when I do swatch photos.  They smell really good, and do a decent job at cleaning up makeup.  On my face they are not bad, but I tend to like a softer wipe for it.

I have seen these come in the 60 wipes pack and a 30 wipes pack that retail for $1 USD.  This is one item that I consistently see at Big Lots.


  1. I love big lots for their good deals

    1. Me too! Its hit or miss, but thats kinda the thrill of it :)