Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sonia Kashuk A Kiss On The Cheek Lip/Cheek palette - swatch

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Sonia Kashuk a kiss on the cheek lip/cheek palette
Who doesn't love a bargain?  As I wandered through my local Target, I came upon an item I had been eyeing for some time.  I was able to pick up Sonia Kashuk's A Kiss On The Cheek palette on clearance for just under $8 USD!  Sonia Kashuk cosmetics are found at Target's in the United States currently.  I am not sure if they are available in Canada yet...but I have heard rumblings that they may.

Sonia Kashuk a kiss on the cheek palette - packaging
kiss on the cheek palette - packaging
This palette comes in the newer Sonia Kashuk black, sleek packaging.  A nice sturdy plastic, it houses a mirror along with four creamy lip/cheek tints.  The palette contains 0.26oz/7.6g of product, divided into four color pots.  If you look closely in the picture, you can see four holes that would allow you to punch out the pots and possibly reuse the palette.  I was unable to punch the pots out, but think that with a heat element, I would be able to.

A kiss on the cheek palette - open
The lovely part about this palette is that the colors range from soft to bright.  The top left is a nice, soft baby pink.  Top right is a vivid coral.  Bottom left is a basic berry, and bottom right is a dusty rose.  These are sheer, but can be built up a bit.  On the cheeks, I did have a sheen that lasted awhile.  That may be something you may or may not like.  The pots are all quite emollient.  On the lips, they sheered out a bit more than on my cheek.  On my lips, when the creaminess wore off, I was left with the lightest tint.

The wear on these during the last month was not very long, but I am not one for cream products in the summer.  I think these are best suited for colder, drier months.  On lips, I did not find them to be too drying.  Those looking for a pigmented tint will be disappointed, but for those looking for a sheer wash of juicy color, these are right up your alley.  I did not find this to be fragranced or have a taste, so those that are senstitive may also like this.  A fantastic buy either way...I am looking forward to using these quite a bit now that fall is here!

Thanks for looking!

Sonia Kashuk a kiss on the cheek palette (flash)
Sonia Kashuk kiss on the cheek palette (no flash/partial sunlight)

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