Monday, January 21, 2013

Napoleon Perdis Set lip balm in Baja Red (swatch)

One of my favorite things in the entire world...lip balm.  Cannot have enough of it around.  Check my purse, and guaranteed that there are at least 5 lip balms rolling around in there.

What I have for you today is Napoleon Perdis Set lip balm in Baja Red.

This little pot of joy comes from the Napoleon Perdis line sold at Target.  This pot runs for around $8.00 USD and can only be found at Target.  The lip balm comes in a screw top, plastic pot and contains 3.6g of

Inside is a semi waxy, soft tinted balm.  On the lips, it is a "dry" application.  Nothing about this balm is shiny, glossy or wet.  It has a comfortable feel on the lips.  The balm is said to contain vitamin E, C, A and also shea butter.  Baja Red has no scent.  Though the moisturization does not last all day, it is still nice on the lips for a couple of hours.


The swatch above is one swipe of my finger in the pot.  The color is a bright cherry.  Classic/retro.  The formula is buildable...It never gets too opaque, but that is exactly what I love about the color and formulation.

A good basic balm that is a beautiful color.  How can you go wrong?

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