Thursday, December 13, 2012

Revlon Lip swatches (ulta haul)

Here we are with the second half of the ulta lippies haul...

Revlon lip stains

First product is Revlon's Just Bitten lipstain + balm in the color Crave.  This is a felt tipped pen on one end, and a clear, hydrating balm on the other.  This can be found at most retailers and are usually around $7.50 USD.  Though this type of "marker" style stain has its problems...(the tip can become dry and hard, giving no color, or the tip can splay), it is really a fantastic product!

The second product is the Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in the color 020 Lovesick.  This is a twist up mix between a thick balm and stain that colors the lips nicely once it has worn off.  You can also find these almost anywhere for around $7.50 USD.

Just Bitten lipstain - Crave (overcast)

Crave is the color on top.  Looks just like a felt tip marker.  The ink it contains is very nicely pigmented.  Now, this is one swipe of this color.  This can be built up like you cannot believe.  The first time I wore it on my lips, I did three swipes and it quickly turned vamp-a-licious.  This is a beautiful, very reddy magenta with nice subtle purple tint.  Wear is long lasting...just remember to keep applying the attached balm.

Lovesick is the bottom swatch.  It is a pretty straightforward vibrant pink.  Now, on my hand this looks a little darker than it does on my lips.  On the lips, these usually wear away to a stain that can be drying.  I get about two good hours of the balm characteristics, and then the dry down stain.  Lovesick in particular turns pretty neon on my lips.  This may or may not be something you like.  If you are one that is sensitive to scents, you may want to look smells mint-like.

Overall, very happy with these purchases...looking forward to getting more colors from both of these ranges.

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  1. ive always loved revlon lip products! these 2 products look amazing!


    1. They are fantastic! I hope you get a chance to try them :)