Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update 7/12/12

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for being so MIA...I have been in the process of moving to a new place for the past couple of weeks!!! And I am also working on a movie being filmed locally where I am the makeup artist!  Needless to say, this has been pushed to the back of my list, and I hate that.

What do other blogging and non-blogging ladies do when they need a little girl/makeup/spa/shopping time but just cannot seem to find the time?

Before the move, I purchased a new camera...Canon EOS Rebel T3.  Very happy and in love with it, I must admit.

I tried some practice shots and here they are...

Alleyway, walking mall, Kalamazoo MI

Walking mall, Kalamazoo MI
In no way am I a photographer...but am getting in practice to become a better one for my blog.  For you!

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